NFL: Calvin Johnson is Competing Again… This Time on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Megatron is back competing again it just won’t be on the football field.  The retired NFL star is going to be a new contestant on “Dancing With the Stars.”

(Video) NFL: Calvin Johnson Says Trainers & Team Doctors Gave Out Painkillers Like Candy

Calvin Johnson did something that several NFL players are starting to do, retire before their brain turns to complete mush.  The superstar wide receiver knew his body was starting to break down and he didn’t want to be dependent on drugs which he says are readily available thanks to team doctors.

(Photo) NFL: Megatron Reveals Graphic Image Of His Finger During Surgery

Calvin Johnson aka “Megatron” retired from football after this past season so he no longer has to worry about anymore injuries on the field. After the career he had, where he took some punishing hits, there was a couple things he needed to correct, mainly one of his fingers. He decided to share how his finger looked in the middle of surgery and I am warning you now it is very graphic. If you’re eating, put down your food for a second. Check the gallery!

NFL: Calvin Johnson aka Megatron Officially Retires From the NFL

Well it’s official, as previously announced, Calvin Johnson has retired from the NFL at the age of 30.

NFL: Odell Beckham Jr. Added To The Pro Bowl Roster

After a breakout season which saw one of the greatest catches of all time, Odell Beckham Jr is set to appear at this years Pro Bowl. Hit the jump for details.

NFL: Megatron On the Move? This Could Be Calvin Johnson’s Last Season With the Lions

Although Calvin Johnson aka Megatron has been known as the best wide receiver in football, things haven’t been going too well for him lately.  Because of his health and the hit his salary would take on the cap, the Detroit Lions WR might be on the move after this season.

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