(Photo) Young Thug Gets His Own Billboard In NYC!

Definitely didn’t see this coming…made you look!

(Video) Frank Ocean & Young Thug Star In New Calvin Klein Ad

We still don’t have any music from Frank Ocean, but we have an underwear ad. Oh joy. Hey – maybe this means he’s on the promo trail, and that hint at a July release for Boys Don’t Cry may really be true? Hmm! Check out Frank and Thugger’s Calvin’s commercial below.

(Photos) Justin Bieber Shows The Ladies What He’s Working With In His Calvin Klein Underwear

Justin Bieber is always making headlines. This time he has some of the ladies giving him the seductive side eye because the singer posted a picture holding his crotch in his underwear on Instagram. Check out the picture in the gallery after the jump.

(Photo) Calvin Klein’s Upskirt Ad Stirs Some Controversy

Calvin Klein are known, and have been under-fire, for their sexually suggestive ads but this recent upskirt ad takes it to the next level.

(Photo) Fetty Wap, Kendrick Lamar & Joey Bada** Among Artists Involved In New Calvin Klein Ads

You can do anything you want in Calvin Klein attire. At least according to some of your favorite artists; Kendrick Lamar, Fetty Wap, Joey Bada**, FKA twigs, Justin Beiber and more. Run, jump, sing and even “fight” in your CALVINS, according to Joey. Calvin Klein has introduced the #mycalvins Spring 2016 global advertising campaign, which was photographed by Tyrone Lebon. Hit the jump for more.

(Fellas Check The Pics) Kendall Jenner Poses Topless In Cheeky Panties

Reality TV star Kendall Jenner did a shoot for Calvin Klein’s new underwear campaign, showing off her perky booty and her bare chest in black-and-white. Get a visual in the gallery of Kendall’s latest shoot!

(LADIES Check The Pics) #EggplantFriday: August Alsina Is A Very…. Gifted Young Man

WELP ladies, it is Friday so you know what that means… #EggplantFriday time. Luckily for us, R&B youngin’ August Alsina is doing some sort of new campaign for Calvin Klein and felt it was necessary for promo reasons to post his ENORMOUS, GIGANTIC, ABNORMALLY LARGE eggplant in a pair of CK briefs for all the ladies to see and drool over. This is not the first time that August has shared his insanely large d*ck print but this one is just…damn. *whips drool off my computer.* Ladies, do yourself a favor and hit up that gallery. THANK ME LATER!

Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ad Totally PhotoShopped!!

Sorry Gals, looks like Justin’s perfect body only exists in photos. A new untouched, pre-photoshop picture of Justin Bieber’s new ad for Calvin Klein is roaming the internet. The photo claims to show proof that Justin’s abs, muscles and even BULGE were all photoshopped. Now we can’t entirely tell ourselves that we didn’t know the photo was a tad bit photo shopped, but from this before and after pic of Justin’s Penis, all we have to say is WOW! That was photoshopped a whole lot! Fortunately Justin Bieber’s fan were so outraged that any one would claim he could be photoshopped that they made the website claiming to have the photo literally take it down. Here’s what breathheavy.com has to say: “Team Bieber sent BreatheHeavy a cease and desist letter because of the alleged un-retouched Calvin Klein photo we posted, asking we remove the picture in question.” Thankfully for you though a photo leak is never really gone and Perez Hilton has provided it for us. Check out the shocking photos in the gallery!!! AND a hilarious gif

(Photo) “Plus Size” Model Myla Dalbesio Lands Calvin Klein Campaign!!

Myla Dalbesio is defying the odds. The size 10 model is the first “Plus Size” model to land a major deal with Calvin Klein.

(Photos) Ciara Rocks A New Look! Check Out Her All New Hairstyle Inspired By Her Hubby!

With a new baby plus a marriage and her upcoming album on the way, looks like Ciara needed a new look to match her new lifestyle. Looking like she was inspired by her hubby’s well known hairdo, Ciara revealed her new dreadlocks on Instagram this weekend. Check out the flicks after the jump!

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