(Video) Joey Bada$$ Fights Cameraman As He Leaves Kanye’s Yeezy Season 3 Event

Kanye stays in the news…even when he’s not in it lol. During Ye’s unveiling of his The Life Of Pablo album and his clothing line last night at Madison Square Garden, there were many notable celebrities in attendance as expected – including New York’s own Joey Bada$$. Although, his whereabouts were made public when he ended up getting into a fight with paparazzi outside who mistook him for another rapper…hit the jump.

(Video) Classic: RiRi Tells Camera “B*tch Don’t Try Me, I Am Rihanna!”

At the Stella McCartney Show during Fashion Week in Paris, RiRi was back on her typical BadGalRiRi behavior. While filming a snippet for the official SM Instagram, Rihanna tells a woman “B*tch don’t try me, I am Rihanna” when asked what her name was. Oh but wait, it gets better. Rih did that whole thing in a British accent. Pure comedy! Peep the video below.

(Video) SMH: Videographer Forgot To Edit Out Anti-Semetic Comments In Jewish Newlywed’s Wedding Footage

Cameraman Anthony Aurelius was shooting a Jewish wedding for the Gocmans in London when he made a whole bunch of Anti-Semitic comments about Jewish people. Like the [email protected]$$ he is, he didn’t realize the camera was rolling when he was mouthing off to his assistant. To make the whole situation even worse, when he sent over the footage to the couple (after taking nine months), he sent the unedited material– with his Jewish-bashing rant included! “I don’t think I blame Hitler,” the camera man said while videotaping the newlywed’s reception. “Some of the Jewish women are very beautiful to look at… But I can tell you, they’d be right f—–g cows. Very f—–g snooty, they’d be a pain in the arse. Not a very attractive bride at all.” Check out the video below.

(Video) Is Steven Tyler HIGH All The Time !?!? He Did Spend $6 Million!

When you spend the amount of money on COCAINE the way he did, you must be high. $6 MILLION down the drain, or shall I say up the nose. When asked by a TMZ cameraman if he could get all of that money back and re-invest in something such as real estate, would he, his response was somewhat ODD – to say the least. Drop down bottom and check it out.

(Video & Pic) NBA: Rajon Rondo Goes After Camera Man & Charles Barkley Clowns His Jacket

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl Rajon Rondo got mad at a camera man after a Game 5 loss in the 2012 First Round Series vs. the Atlanta Hawks. TNT’s Inside the NBA gives their take on it and you know Barkley is gonna have something funny to say…

NBA: Demarcus Cousins Has Alleged Incident With Dallas Cameraman

Twitter was buzzing about DeMarcus Cousins on Saturday night, which usually isn’t a good thing. The buzz stemmed from a tweet by Dwain Price, alleging Cousins got into it with a Dallas cameraman.  Read more after the jump. @Shay_Marie x @gametimegirl

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