Slim Jesus Gets Mic Snatched By Another Rapper In Canada

Well damn, these guys really aren’t feeling Slim Jesus out here, huh? He’s like Iggy Azalea adjace! Last night, the Ohio rapper was performing his breakout single at a show in Canada, with rapper Black Jesus as his DJ for the night. You’d think because he was his DJ that they’d have some sort of rapport, but apparently, Black gave zero f*cks about that as he cut Slim’s performance short by tussling with him for the mic, then telling the crowd, “Support real hip-hop, b*tch!” A shocked Slim seemed to be in confusion as he nervously laughed off the ambush, looking as if his boy couldn’t possibly have played him like that. I don’t know the nature of their actual relationship – if there even was one at all – but sh*t, that was nuts. Check out the clip below!

(Video) Nardwuar Vs. Tinashe

Nardwuar is back with some great acts and even greater gifts. The Human Serviette reached out to the “Vulnerable” singer Tinashe for another epic interview. Check it out after the jump.

Cashin’ Out: Find Out How Much Money Kylie’s Extravagant 18th Birthday Party Made!

18 is a beautiful thing and for Kylie Jenner, it has already been the ultimate cash cow. For her huge b-day bash to celebrate her becoming legal (finally), Kylie had a banger in Montreal that put everyone else’s birthday parties to shame. Not only did she bring in a $200,000 profit from her celebration, but the club owner and promoters walked away with some nice pocket change, as well. (When I say pocket change, I mean more than most people make in 2 years of slaving at a 9-5).

(Photo) Sports: Canada vs Everybody? Bret “Hitman” Hart Shows His Love For Drake While Trolling Meek

One of the few people in the entire country of Canada who might be just as loved as Drake, if not more, has spoken on the Drake/Meek battle and is siding with his countrymen. Former WWE Superstar, Bret “The Hitman” Hart took to Instagram to troll Meek a bit and even managed to throw in some wrestling innuendo as well.

Kylie Jenner Has Her 18th Birthday Party All Planned Out!

The day we’ve all been waiting for has almost arrived – KYLIE JENNER’S 18TH BIRTHDAY! To bring in the joyous day where we can finally lust over Kylie legally and that Tyga can get nasty with his bae without having to worry about jail time is just around the corner on August 10th. To bring in her 18th b-day the right way, Kylie has her big party planned at Beachclub Montreal in Canada so she can get wasted legally.

Toronto Politician Speaks On His Beef With Meek Mill Following Their Twitter Feud

After calling out Drake during his Twitter rant yesterday, Toronto politician Norm Kelly jumped in on the action to let Meek Mill know he is no longer welcome in Canada. Meek fired back at the Councillor calling him a thug, but according to Kelly, Meek’s words don’t bother him. Following the incident Norm Kelly did a interview explaining why he jumped in on the beef and his current feeling on Meek. Read more after the jump.

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