Candy Crush Is Being Made Into A TV Game Show On CBS!

Candy Crush is played by millions of people around the world, and it will soon be watched by millions more as it comes to TV screens! CBS has announced plans for an hour-long game show with the popular game, which will feature teams of two competing against gigantic interactive game boards to defeat obstacles and maneuver through numerous levels to be crowned “Candy Crush” champion.

You Be The Critic: Are You Addicted To THIS Game?!

This game is sweeping devices across the world, I haven’t seen this type of gaming Craze since COD raged across gaming systems! Now Me personally, I’m not into this type of game, I’m gonna stick with COD/Battle Field, But almost everyone around me is STUCK on this game….So I wanna know, Are you Addicted to Candy Crush?! You Be the Critic!!!

(Video) Ahhh Candy Crush…But Would You Pay THIS To Play It?!

We’re all either completely addicted to Candy Crush by now or know someone who is. None of us compare to this guy, though. He takes video game addiction to the next level. Read more to see the tantrum he throws when confronted about his gaming habit.

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