Presenting Apparel Reserve “The Night Time Tee”

Apparel Reserve is a brand ran by Chaz L. Morgan from Maywood, IL. Today I will be presenting his Apparel Reserve “The Night Time” tees. The tee is featured in white or black and on the top reads “carpe diem” backwards. The shirts are cool something you can style with about anything and are very comfortable. The brand has had some good success so far. Apparel Reserve is inspired by the way someone dressed because of their lifestyle.The “Carpe Diem” Collection of Apparel Reserve is solely inspired by living your life fully and doing what you love to do everyday! It’s upside down so the viewer will remain inspired to do so. Chaz decided to execute this collection on garments worn in Street Fashion. Some of his style influences are Piet Mondrian, Peter Saville, The 1990’s , Michael Jordan, and Experiences of his own. If you are interested in purchasing a shirt or checking out any more clothing from the Apparel Reserve you must check out their official website. Check out the video Lookbook below. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the shirts.

Chris Brown Says He Wants To Do WHAT After His Album?!

Beings he is no longer on Twitter (well there is a Chris Brown account but it’s still unknown if his management runs it or he does), Chris Brown has to act a fool via his Instagram account. Not only does he go crazy on haters and fans from time to time, but last night he said he wants to do something crazy after his forthcoming album. Breezy went in on how real artists are endangered and everything is a gimmick. In true Chris fashion, he has since deleted the post, but not before people could see it and have a cause quite the stir.  Read more below. Julie A.

(Photos) Breezy In Paris!!!

Chris Brown is thoroughly enjoying his Carpe Diem tour, and he’s been constantly updating photos on his personal instagram account (f*ckyopictures) for Team Breezy. Breezy is currently at his stop in Paris, and is definitely seizing the day! Hit the jump to get up to date on all his photos of his time in Paris! Melissa

(Photos) Chris Brown Released Photos From His “Carpe Diem” Tour!

Chris Brown just kicked off his Carpe Diem tour in Europe. Hit the jump to see the photos! Melissa

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