Whoa! A South Carolina Man Was Kidnapped And Held For Ransom Over A $200K Marijuana Debt!!

A South Carolina man who — along with his father — served as a drug mule to a Mexican drug syndicate was kidnapped while on his way to work by three of the syndicate’s members. Almost immediately after snatching the man, calls were made to his family. The gang, at one point, looked for upwards of $400,000 in exchange for the man.

(Photos) Kim K Look Alike Head Of A Mexican Cartel Killer Squad?!

This is some stuff straight out of the movies. I mean, come on, a hot girl with a nice ass, resembling the world’s favorite big booty celebrity Kim Kardashian, wielding a pink AK roaming around the drug cartel out for blood? If this doesn’t get made into a movie then someone’s sleeping on a pretty good idea. A group of killers hired by what’s said to be “the world’s most powerful drug trafficking organization in the world” has found a new leader in 27 year old, Claduia Ochoa Felix. Check out some pics of the long haired brunette after the jump!

Peep This?! Gun Purchased By ATF Agent Found At Crime Scene

Reports say there was a pistol purchased by an ATF agent at a Mexican Cartel crime scene. The Herstal Pistol earned the nickname “cop killer” because of the popularity is has over the Mexican drug cartel. The ATF agent who owned the gun say’s he sold it to a man in Phoenix. How it ended up in Mexico, at cartel crime scene, IDK! Read More below. Funk Flex

(Video)Mexican Cartel Kidnapping Caught on Tape

Shocking Video of a mexican cartel kidnapping is caught on tape showing the tactical details of exactly how they do it, with a narrated breakdown. Six cars for one guy? That’s a bit excessive to me, but watch the video for more. PaulDaPro

Mexican Drug Cartels Flood U.S. Cities With Meth

Mexican drug cartels are flooding U.S. cities with exceptionally cheap, extraordinarily potent meth from factory-like “superlabs.” Click “more” below for the full story! DJ Matthew Tyler

Mexican Cartel May Have Targeted CIA

A senior U.S. official says there is strong evidence that Mexican federal police who fired on a U.S. Embassy vehicle, wounding two CIA officers, were working for organized crime on a targeted assassination attempt.  Click “more” below for full coverage! DJ Matthew Tyler

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