(Photo) Out Of Hiding? Casey Anthony Spotted In Florida

Ever since she was acquitted earlier this year on the highly publicized case of her daughter’s murder, Casey Anthony has been in hiding. MANY strongly believe she was to blame in the tragic killing, so it wouldn’t be in her best interest to just be freely out in public all the time. However, she was spotted out Friday night in Florida for the first time in a long time. More details below, photo in the gallery. Marisa Mendez

Did Police Botch Important Evidence In The Casey Anthony Trial?

A Florida new channel is claiming that police officers botched up information that may have changed the verdict of the Casey Anthony trial. Even Anthony’s defense was hoping the police and the state didn’t bring the information into the trial because they knew it would have done some serious damage to their case. Orange County Sheriff’s Office failed to extract the information of Anthony’s Google search on the day that her daughter went missing and that’s why it was never brought up in trial. Read more below. Julie A.

Casey Anothony Being Sued For 3 BILLION!

Talk about ridiculous! Casey Anthony is being sued for 3 BILLION dollars by a Pennsylvania woman because of the “emotional and mental distress” she caused her! Read below for full details! Eloisa Melo

Casey Anthony Released and Free!

Casey Anthony has been released from probation and no longer needs to report to her officer. Last year, she was found guilty of check fraud and ordered to serve one year probation. Click below to find out more. Funk Flex

Casey Anthony Thought Her Father Killed Her Daughter!

Casey Anthony is still one of America’s Most Hated women after she was acquitted of charges regarding the murder of her daughter.  In a new book regarding Anthony, their lawyer is accusing Casey’s father George and saying it was him that murdered Caylee.  Hit the jump for details. Steph Bassanini

Casey Anthony’s Former Defense Attorney Jose Baez Drops A Bombshell About The Case

Casey Anthony’s former defense attorney Jose Baez dropped a huge bombshell about the case recently. Baez hinted at the bombshell during his open statements of the trial but never went any further. Not only did Baez have this bombshell, but he also knew that law enforcement didn’t check Anthony’s search history on the day before her child went missing. He also claimed the the detectives working the case should have realized that Casey had mental issues. It sounds to me as if Baez knows that his former client was guilty. Read more below. Julie1205

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