(Video) Charlie Hebdo Releases First Cover Since Terrorist Attack

A symbol of healing, testing the waters or nah? Some say it’s perfect, some say this is why the infamous satire magazine was brutalized in the first place. A few days into the tragic shooting of their Paris, France office that left 12 dead and 11 wounded, Charlie Hebdo Releases First Cover Since Terrorist Attack.

Charlie Hebdo Paris Hostage Situation Ends In The Death Of Terrorists; 12 Hostages

During the Paris terror crisis, two hostage takers have possibly turned into four; three dead and one is wanted. The French terrorists attacked Charlie Hebdo, a French magazine. Brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi charged the magazine and proceeded to gun down 12 hostages, including French police. A nearby kosher grocery store in eastern Paris was also a prison for hostages that included a man Amedy Coulibaly, 32, of African decent and his accomplice/girlfriend, Hayat Boumeddiene, 26, whom both were linked to the brothers. Find out more details after the jump.

(WARNING Graphic Content) Charlie Hebdo Attack: Police Reveal Suspect Names And Photos, Plus Video Of Cop Shooting

French police have released these photos of the two brothers wanted in connection with the attacks. Cherif Kouachi is 32, and his brother Said is 34. A terrible event has taken place in Paris, It is believed to be a militant Islamist attack. Gunmen have shot and killed 12 people at the Paris office of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. The footage has surface of one of the 2 police officers who were gunned down. Along with the two offciers, Four of the magazine’s well-known cartoonists, including its editor, were among those killed. Find out more below.

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