Twins To Play In Fast & Furious 7 Are Getting Paid – Tremendously!

Charlie and Miller Kimsey will play Jack, the son of Paul Walker’s character in the upcoming, Fast & Furious 7. The cool thing about it is, their pay checks. Banking! Drop down to find out how much these look-a-likes will be stacking.

(Photo) G Move! Frank Ocean Pays Chipotle’s Lawsuit…And Leaves Them With A NICE Parting Message

Late last week, popular Mexican food chain Chipotle brought suit against Frank Ocean, after they paid him $212,500 to do a song for one of their commercials, and it never materialized. The Odd Future singer did not want to use their logo on the ads (um, it IS their commercial though, bud…), so they never ended up seeing eye-to-eye. The lawsuit was for the exact amount they’d paid him, and now, they’ll be getting the cash back. However, not without some parting words! Frank just posted a photo of the check he sent to the company on his Tumblr account, with quite a lovely message in the ‘For’ memo section: “F*** OFF.” Nice! The check has not reached Chipotle yet, but in a statement to TMZ, they said they’re “grateful” he is sending their money back, and added, “Thanks, Frank.” Now on to more important topics – WHEN ARE WE GETTING NEW FRANK OCEAN MUSIC?!

(Photos) Damnnn! Must Be Nice – Guess What Meek Mill Found In His Backpack!

Sometimes, I’ll forget about a dollar or two that I had in my pocket, and I’ll find it weeks later and be kind of excited about it. A check for $75k, though? Well, aside from being something I’ve never received…it’s most certainly something I wouldn’t “forget” I had for an entire MONTH! Shoot, I wouldn’t forget for even 2 seconds! That check would be cashed while the ink was still drying! When you’re getting money like Meek Mill, though, apparently these things slip through the cracks! Check out his photo and caption in the gallery. Must be nice!

Alert: Snapchat Database Has Been Leaked, Here’s How To find out IF You’re Affected!!!

The Super popular photo/video app had a vulnerability that allowed for someone to access most of the user’s, and although they knew about it, they figured it wasn’t something someone would do, but….yup, they did!

New Jersey Woman Steals Blank Check On First Date And Does WHAT!?!?

Jersey’s own, 46-year-old Tonia Dolison met a 62-year-old man online who wined and dined her. The date went so well, that she even agreed to go home with him. A month later, she’s been charged with third and forth-degree grand larceny, second-degree forgery and second-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument. Hit the jump to find out what happened in that month.

(PHOTO) Boxing: Here’s What Floyd Mayweather’s $40 Million Check Looks Like

Money Mayweather livin’ up to his name. A check is a check right?!  Normally I’d agree with you, but I mean who’s seen a $40 MILLION dollar check?!  Definitley not me. Mayweather earned a guaranteed purse of $41.5 million — that’s just PART of the money he’s making for this fight (that PPV # is going to be crazy).  Check it out…

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