(Photos) Yo Gotti Shooting The “Check” Video In Miami & Doing Free Shows

“I only ride foreign cause I got a CHECK.” Yo Gotti is one of the best. Really known for not turning to the blue collars when it deals with his music. He settled in Miami to shoot the “Check” video. He’s even doing free shows. Giving back is what I like to see Gotti. Check out the gallery.

Charlie Sheen Helps Cancer Patient With A Check For $75K…Well Stevie Wonder Tops That By How Much ???

Charlie Sheen recenly gave a little girl by the name of Jasmine Faulk a check for $75,000 to help with her cancer. Well, Stevie Wonder has decided to top that by 25%. Stevie gave Jasmine a check for $100,000. I commend both Charlie and Stevie for such a kind act, BUT why donate to ONE little girl when there is a whole SLEW of people out there with cancer? I hope that this little girl beats this I really do, but I’m sure that there are others out there with cancer who are worst off (financially). I mean she already had $100,000 from Charlie and his buddy Eddie. Just #MY P.O.V. Drop down bottom for more please. JaaiR (JR)

Sheesh: T.I Puts A Fan In His Place “Look At Me In My Face”

Its understood that as far as the music/entertainment lifestyle goes things can get under your skin. T.I seemed to have one of those nights and a fan was “doing too much”. Rather than having security handle it T.I set him straight by having a “man to man” talk. Even though the fan gets let down I’m sure it will be something that the both of them will remember forever. Check the clip of the video below Biz Baby

NEW MUSIC: Yo Gotti – Check

Yo Gotti informs the world that NOTHING is impossible once you obtain that Check. After you Check out this new tune make sure you Check Cocaine Muzik 7 when it drops tomorrow. Tru DJ RellyRell

Tech Talk News: Today Amazon Will Give You $15 To Use PriceCheck

Today, December 10th, Amazon is offering a very special deal you’re going to love and your local brick-and-mortar retailer is going to hate. Use itsPriceCheck mobile app and get 5% off your purchase, up to $5 at a time, as many as 3 times. Why the discounts to use PriceCheck? The app is designed to get you to visit local shops, try out a product, submit valuable pricing data to Amazon, leave without buying anything, and make your purchase on Amazon instead. @Yungjohnnybravo @TatWZA

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