Two Texas Boys, 8 and 10, Stabbed To Death By Relative In Tragic Murder-Suicide

Two young boys in Texas were stabbed to death by a relative, who then walked out to the front lawn of their home and shot himself in the head. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. @WiL

3 Dead, 1 Missing In Pittsburgh Flash Floods

A pair of storms that pounded Pittsburgh on Friday cut electricity to hospitals and universities and submerged more than a dozen vehicles in a flash flood that killed a woman and two children and left another person missing and presumed dead. Continue reading after the jump. @capriSUNshine

Tech Talk News: Child’s Toy Hacks Feds, Uncovers The Undercover!!

Turns out 007 stands for a true spy’s age. Federal agents scramble after discovering that a children’s toy can not only hack their audio feeds, but find them wherever they hold devices. Hundreds of hours of super-secret data from the past two years now lie in the hands of hackers. Details after the jump. Tat WZA WZA on Google+ X Emma Rabid

Mattel Sold Children’s Sex Toy

Mattel pinstriped the hood of a child’s toy tow truck with a phone number to call for service. No big deal; most business vehicles boast contact info. But, a grandmother’s curiosity uncovered that this number invokes a different kind of service: a sex line. Details after the jump. Emma Rabid

You Gotta Love The Kids:Pointers for Dating Someone with Children!!

Dating can be fun and carefree but when children are added to the mix, things can get complicated.  Find out some key Do’ s and Don’t s of dating someone with children after the jump! @jazzyvadney

7 Year Old Gets Plastic Surgery to Prevent Bullying

Is this really what society has come to?! This is sad. I understand big ears, a big nose, etc will warrant you some teases and I know, at that age they’re not always fun to deal with. But what kind of lesson are you teaching your SEVEN YEAR OLD that some plastic surgery will fix this issue? Wait until they’re a legal adult and can make the decision for THEMSELVES. Samantha Shaw, a first grader from South Dakota, recently went under the knife to pin back her cup ears and fix a fold on her right ear. Do you think that’s right? Some more details and a video interview with her after the jump. @MarisaMendez

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