(Video) Still In America?! Okkklahoma Town Trustee Resigns After WHAT?!

ke A trustee in the town of Luther, Gregg Atkinson, has resigned just one day after being exposed for using racial slurs to describe Oklahoma officials. Atkinson referred to the city’s mayor and police chief as the n-word in an audio tape. On Tuesday, the former city council member apologized at a town hall meeting and admitted to his mistake. To see news footage from Luther and excerpts from Atkinson’s speech, click below.

Bloomberg Sues City Council Over Stop & Frisk Law?!

When Bloomberg has a point to make, the mayor of NYC intends on being heard, no matter how many times you try to shut him down. Although many can agree he’s done quite a bit to make the city better, he’s also been stubborn about a few other things, including the soda ban and Stop & Frisk. A judged ruled Stop & Frisk to be unconstitutional and required that the program have a lawyer oversee the controversial program. Bloomberg has made public statements that he believes minorities should be stopped more, and he has completely attributed Stop & Frisk to the decrease of violence in NYC. Find out what he’s suing City Council for after the jump.

OH NO Brooklyn! Politician Trying To Shut Down Parties In New Legislation

Council member Jumaane Williams is trying to legislate partying in BK, which predictably pissed some Brooklyn residents off. Any party with 40 or more people will have to notify the police three days in advance that they’re having a party. It would also make house parties that charge at the door illegal. Really though? Give it up. There are so many other social issues that need attention. Check out the rest of what laws are being proposed after the jump.

(Video) 11 Year Old Kid Calling Out City Council???

This kid does not tolerate rudeness–he had to school these City Council members not to disrupt him while he was making a point. Check out the video after the jump.

L.A. City Council Says No Meat On Monday!?!?

The Los Angeles City Council adopted an initiative to encourage their residents to abstain from eating meat, at least on the first day of the week, citing that eating less meat can prevent or reverse some of americans most common illnesses. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

City Council takes on Feds Over Immigrant Detentions at Rikers Island

The city council Wednesday introduced legislation to limit the power of federal immigration officers on Rikers Island. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have detained and deported hundreds of inmates charged with a variety of crimes from low level quality-of-life offenses to felony drug charges. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. @WiL

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