(Photo) Are Our Earth Days Numbered???

So our Earth Days Numbered huhh? Most kids woke up just simply knowing that today reflects how we maintain our earth but do they know we’re at risk . First Obama gave a friendly earth Day reminder that one of our biggest threats to our planet is in fact climate change. Letting us all know that this may be the only reversible catastrophe but how easy will it be to reverse?

NYC’s Spring Temperatures Are Way Below Average This Year

New York doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo that it’s springtime quite yet, and according to meteorologists…we still have a few more weeks to go of this chill in the air! Reports reveal that the average temperatures in the tri-state area are 1.2 degrees below the norm, with the weather about a month behind where it usually is for early May. Thankfully, the temp will “gradually rise to seasonal norms” by the end of the month and by June, we’ll be well into “a sunny, dry and hot summer.” Overall the three summer months will be slightly hotter than last year, forecasts show.

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