(Video) New Video Compares iPhone 7 To iPhone 6S

Well if you weren’t sure if the NEW 7 was pretty much just like the last 2 iPhones, someone decide to make a video to compare it to the 6S, as long as it’s not a 3D printed fake! Yup it’s pretty much just like the 6/6S, except the Antenna lines and the ‘no 3.5mm jack'(I need to add a 2nd speaker in the jacks place, which suggests the phone will be louder on speaker…finally!).

(Photo) NBA: ESPN Poll Says 34% Of People Think Michael Jordan Is Better Than Lebron Right Now!

The Lebron hate is real! It is amazing to know there are people out here who are so blinded by hate or completely dumb that they think 52 year old Michael Jordan is better than the current version of Lebron. MJ is the GOAT but people need to come back to earth if they really believe this.

(Video) NBA: Hakeem Olajuwon Says It’s Not Even Close When Comparing Jordan & Lebron

When a hall of famer like Hakeem Olajuwon weighs in on a basketball related topic, his opinion counts more than most. He did everything you could ever wanna do in an NBA career and he did it at a time where the league was tougher and reaching new heights. He played against Jordan in his prime so he gets asked alot about his game and in this instance the reporter asked about the familiar comparison of MJ to Lebron and the Dream was very matter of fact with his answer, while still showing respect to Lebron. Remember, he has spent one on one time training Lebron on some moves and he has a good idea of what Bron brings to the table.

(Video) Kicks: DJ Delz Compares 1992 Air Jordan Leather To The 2015 Air Jordan Remastered Leather!

Dj Delz is back with another Sneaker Addict episode this time Dj Delz compares the Air Jordan 7 leather from 1992 to the Remastered Air Jordan Legend Blue 4 Leather that just released last weekend. Jordan brand has said that the materials have been remastered is it really Remastered? or is this Jordan Brands way of saying just pay $190.00? Peep Dj Delz Air Jordan Tumbled leather comparison After The Jump…

Well….They’re Comparing Dr. Dre To Steve Jobs?!

As a Tech guy, I did Not see this one coming. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that a hip hop legend like Dr. Dre would get the acknowledgement of such greatness, but I just look at them separately.

NBA: LeBron James Reacts To Recent Michael Jordan Comparisons

Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel had Twitter going crazy after Game 6 because he compared LeBron James to Michael Jordan — and you know that drives some fans BANANAS!  So what does LeBron think about it?  Check out his reaction…

(Video/Photo) iPhone 6 Mock Up Compared To All Current iOS Devices

Hmmm, Apple will have a clean line up once the iPhone 6 drops(in September), but until then, go ahead and check out the video below.

(Video) iPhone 6 Compared To The 5S….Size Matters!!!

Keep in mind, the iPhone 6 is a ‘mock up’ model, 3D made, which is based off spec leaks, but should everything be correct, which don’t have a reason to think it’s not…

(Photos) Wait What….You Can Get An iPhone 6 Now?!?

Well that was a bit misleading, you can get a ‘dummy’ iPhone 6 for use of comparisons, much like the same comparison photo/video’s alread populating the web, or if you want to uber-stunt on your block! This mockup phone(dummy) is only $61, but there is def a catch!

(Photos) Amber Rose Receives Hate For Comparing Herself To Who?!

The love and loyal for B is real out there and no one is going to take a comparison to the Queen herself lightly! This time Amber Rose seems to have fall victim to the wrath of B’s Beyhive!

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