(Photos) Man Detained By The FBI At The Movies Because He Had Google Glass

A man in the Glass Explorer Program posted on the Glass forum user’s have, that he has gone through a horrible event while going to the movies with his wife, and after the speeding ticket that most of America knows about, at least the part of America that knows about Glass, I thought y’all would want to know about this!

NFL: Report, The Washington Redskins Could Be Changing Their Name VERY Soon!

There has been quite a bit of pressure put on Redskins owner Dan Snyder to change the name because it offends some people. If it offends people, I agree it should be changed. What’s funny to me is the team has been called the Redskins forever and ever, so why the sudden pressure to change the name? Once a bandwagon gets rolling, that is when people wanna jump on and appear as if they are down for a cause. Snyder has seemed pretty defiant about changing the name, but some digging might of uncovered that he is closer to changing the name than we think. Hit the jump.

Pharrell Moves To Have will.i.am’s Lawsuit Thrown Out

As previously reported, will.i.am had filed a lawsuit against Pharrell over the trademark “I Am” because of Pharrell’s “I am OTHER” brand. Though will previously said he did NOT sue Pharrell, he definitely did, and now the producer is motioning to have the suit thrown out. In the filed documents, Pharrell argues there would be zero confusion about who’s really behind the “I Am Other” YouTube channel, adding that Will.i.am’s been a defendant in nearly a dozen infringement lawsuits, so he wants the lawsuit thrown out of court. He also wants Will.i.am to pay for his lawyers.

Who’s Reading Your Tweets? Twitter’s Latest Report Tells All!!

Twitter’s latest transparency report was just released, detailing government-backed requests for information, content removal and copyright takedowns. In the first half of this year, all three categories were up. The largest increase came in the form of copyright takedowns, up 76%. What does this mean for you? Read on for more on the story.

WARNING…ALL Copyright Infringement Stops NOW?!?!

This Could Very Well Be Biggest News of the 21st Century Thus Far….A Copyright Warning System!!! Will This Affect the way you listen to you On-line Music, Will This Affect the way you share your favorite Music Video, Will This Affect your overall On-line experience?!?! Well, it might…Hit the Jump, watch the video that complicatedly explains exactly what May happen!!

George Clinton Forced To Hand Over Classic Records To Pay $1 Million Debt

Bad news for George Clinton, he’s now being forced to hand over the rights to four of his classic, funk songs in order to pay his $1 million debt that he owes a law firm. Hendricks & Lewis were only able to receive $340,000 of the $1.5 million lawsuit against Clinton since 2010. A federal judge made the decision to give the lawyers the rights to four of his most popular songs in order to pay off what is owed and in a more timely fashion. Find out which songs below. Julie A.

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