Could Childish Gambino’s Next Album Drop Soon?

Childish is on run! While continuing his roll after getting the OK to develop his own television show Atlanta, there is new evidence that might serve to stir up speculation on Bino’s next album…hit the jump.

(Video) Kanye West Could Have Been A Billionaire! But He Passed On Beats By Dre…

Dr. Dre’s deal he inked with Beats Audio has made him hip-hop’s richest man by selling the company to Apple for a reported $3.2 Billion. That could have been Kanye, but he didn’t believe that Beats Audio would have skyrocketed the way it did in the past couple of years. Comedian TK Kirkland says that’s what happened in an interview with Vlad TV…check it out below after the jump.

Oakland Church Could Be Fined Because Of Choir Music

It appears the city of Oakland could issue a fine after a neighbor complained about a church. The city of Oakland sent a letter warning the church of noise infractions and what the future could mean for the group.

Wrongly Linked To Mental Health Problems, THIS Drug Could Now Be Good For You?!?

The Hallucinogen LSD has recently gained notoriety when it was revealed that numerous celebrities were avid fans and users. One of the most notable, of course, is Steve Jobs. As if the list of famous people weren’t enough to change curiosity to experience. But don’t get me wrong, JUST SAY NO… only after you hit the jump.

Friends Of Boston Bombing Suspect Could Face Up To 25 Years In Prison For THIS!!!

Despite pleading “Not Guilty,” two college friends of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev could possibly face 25 years in prison for obstructing justice. On April 15th, Tsarnaev and his brother pulled off the infamous bombing and then went into hiding, before being discovered. On April 18th, Dias Kadyrbayev and Azamat Tazhayakov allegedly took his laptop from his dorm room, along with a backpack that had fireworks with explosive powder and a jar of petroleum jelly. In an indictment, federal authorities stated that Kadyrbayev had gotten a text from Tsarnaev suggesting that he could go to his dorm room and “take what’s there.”

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