(Photos) Rihanna Turns Up For Her Cousin Lele’s Birthday

Rihanna brought out that cake, cake, cake once again last night, this time for her cousin Lele’s birthday. Seems like Rih and her whole crew celebrate around the same time, as Rihanna’s BFF Melissa’s birthday wasn’t too long ago, and Rih’s was back in February. Check the pics from their celebration on the road in the gallery.

(Audio) The Worst Way You’ve Ever Been Cheated On With BlackRicanJew & Ebro

It was my cousin!!! LMAO! People get cheated on all the time, but what can make that situation even worse is when you lie about it. The HOT 97 morning crew asked, “What is the worst way you’ve been cheated on,” and please DON’T tell me the your significant other said that it was their cousin. MOM & DAD was the only child and they think that saying it was the COUSIN is going to get them out of hot water? Uh, NO. Drop down bottom and have a listen.

MLB: Alex Rodriguez World Series Ring Up For Auction

Looks like someone needs some money and no, it’s not A-Rod.  Alex Rodriguez’s assistant and cousin (who is known for convincing A-Rod to take steroids) is selling his 2009 New York Yankees World Series championship ring.  Details after the jump…

Meow! Rihanna’s Cousin Leandra Goes At Karrueche On Twitter!

Rihanna may be staying out of beefing with Karrueche over Chris (well, sort of), but that doesn’t stop her girls from doing her dirty work! Yesterday night, Rih’s BFF/cousin Leandra spotted a meme making fun of Karrueche and decided to repost it. The pic is the photo above, taken yesterday when Kae was creeping with Chris to the studio. While at the gas station, the man in the picture (who had been riding in Chris’ car) seemingly gives Kae money for gas, and the meme is a version of the currently popular “B*tches be like…” posts that are going around lately, obviously not in Kae’s favor. Check that out, along with LeLe’s tweets and some pics of her and Rih in the gallery. I wonder if Rihanna would be annoyed at her cuzzo for doing that…or is laughing with her? Marisa Mendez

WWE: Man Dies After Refusing To Tap Out At Wrestlemania Party

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl A Louisiana man died at his own “Wrestlemania 28” party after he refused to “tap out” of his younger, much smaller cousin’s “rear naked choke hold,” causing him to stop breathing, police said.

10-Year-Old Was Sexually Assualted By Cousin’s Lover Before He Killed Her

The 10-year-old Oklahoma girl found stabbed to death in Texas was murdered by her cousin’s illegal immigrant lover. Some people just don’t have a heart. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. @WiL

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