(Photos) NFL: Bad Move! Tony Romo Joins Twitter & Gets Destroyed Right Away

Tony Romo joined twitted yesterday and he is probably already considering the idea of deleting his account. All it took was simple tweet that said “9” and the trolls were off and running. Romo had to expect this though and if he didn’t then today he is realizing just how many people hate him.

NFL: Greg Hardy Surrenders 10 Guns To Authorities, Including At Least 6 Military Rifles And 3 Shotguns

Last year, Greg Hardy played only one game after being arrested on domestic violence charges. After he was arrested, Hardy agreed to surrender the 10 guns after his ex-girlfriend reported he kept 25-3- guns in 2 Charlotte residences. After signing a one-year contract with the Cowboys this hardy, Hardy was given a 10-game suspension stemming from his arrest in 2014.

(Photo) NFL: SMH, Suspended Greg Hardy Makes Terrible 9/11 Joke While Trying To Clown His Old Team

Greg Hardy is an absolute idiot! I try to write as many things as possible from a neutral stance but not today. This low life Hardy just can’t keep himself out of the news even though he should be thanking God he isn’t in jail and is still in the NFL. This moron, who isn’t smart enough to lay low after getting off from domestic violence charges thanks to a very stupid loophole in North Carolina law and paying off the woman who was accusing him, now finds himself in hot water and this time for a tasteless joke about 9/11.

(Photos) NFL: Saints Fan Tried To Troll Dez Bryant, He Calls Her Fat Before Threatening To Roast Her

This woman learned a valuable lesson last night. If you are going to troll an athlete or celebrity, be prepared to have it come back to you. In this case, a female fan told Dez Bryant he was corny. He happened to notice the tweet and it was on from there.

(Video) NFL: Greg Hardy Gets Into Fight With New Teammate, Then Watches His Bentley Get Destroyed By Floods

It is safe to say Greg Hardy’s first week in Dallas could have gone a little better. The polarizing defensive end was signed by the Cowboys during the offseason with the expectation he would face some type of suspension from the league for his domestic violence issues. The suspension was handed down earlier this week and it was for ten games, so things were already off to a bad start. Then during one of his first practice’s he got into a fight with teammate Davon Coleman, who called him a “woman beater”. Now on top of all that Hardy also had to literally leave his black Bentley on a road in Dallas after it was surrounded by flood waters.

NFL: Michael Sam Says There Are Currently Many Gay Players In The NFL, Including Some Famous Stars

Michael Sam became the first gay player associated with the NFL to come out publicly and declare who he is before the media could. According to Sam however, he quickly found out he was far from the first gay player in the league. Although he isn’t naming names, Michael Sam is saying there are currently many gay players in the league who have decided to remain in the closet.

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