(Photos) Wait What?! Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, Arrested In Hollywood ?!?!

Ahhhh, so they are all real! But arrested? For what? Hit the jump for the full story!

(Video) Nicki Minaj “I Don’t Get The Credit That I Deserve & I’m Lyrically Better Than Most Male Rappers”

Nicki Minaj sat down with MTV and she goes over multiple topics, like the sexy scenes with Lil’ Wayne in the “High School” video and her teaming up with Ciara (whoa) in the close future. Nicki also speaks on her feelings like, “lyrically, I’m better then most of these male rappers.” Would I agree, yes! She also mentions that she doesn’t get the credit that she deserves. Would I agree, no! I’m going to be extremely honest when I say that the Nicki that first came out and the Nicki that is NOW are not the same person. The style and the flow, lyrically has changed – WHY – to sell records. Nicki gets a GREAT amount of earned credit from the people who likes pop music and the outfits and the complete “Barbie” brand. In my opinion if she goes back to the “Slumber Party” flow, she can take over the game and get the recognition from the ones she’s looking to get it from. Even though now, Lola Monroe is coming pretty hard – competition. This coming from someone who use to blast Nicki Minaj through the speakers. Drop down bottom and check out what else Nicki has to say.

The Countries Student Debt Is How Much?! But Does Obama Have A Plan?!?!

We’ve all probably had an idea that the student amount was up there, but who would of knew it was that high? And What does Obama plan to do about it? Hit the jump for more!

Hmm! Who Is Solange Knowles Throwing Shade At On Twitter!?

Unlike big sis Beyonce, Solange Knowles is outspoken and very vocal on her social networking sites. Whether it be her blog, her Twitter or her IG, Solange makes her feelings very known, while also giving us a look into her life. Though Bey is starting to catch up now (making an Instagram page, sending her first tweet, adding pics to a Tumblr page), Solange has been on top of her social game for years. Over the weekend, she used her platform to throw a little shade someone’s way, though she never specified who it is she’s talking to. We’d love if she spilled the tea, though! See what she said below. Hopefully it’s only a matter of time before she…or someone else?…elaborates further! Marisa Mendez

Visa’s Credit Revolution To Fight Fraud Set For 2013

In an effort to combat credit card fraud credit firm Visa in on the way to phasing out signature authorizations for purchases. In 2013, personal identification numbers (PIN) will be used instead. Visa will also increase the inventory of chip implanted cards and readers that are in use at some retailers now. Click below for more info. Funk Flex

Kanye West & Co. Told Roscoe Dash A “Typo” Was The Reason He Didn’t Get Credited On Cruel Summer

C’mon Kanye! You’re one of the most creative rappers in the game…you couldn’t think of a better excuse than a “typo”?! LOL! We all watched as rapper/writer Roscoe Dash had a bit of a meltdown on Twitter a couple weeks ago, upset over his lack of credit for his work on Wale’s “Lotus Flower Bomb” single and some tracks with Kanye West on his last album and on Cruel Summer. In a new interview with Shade 45’s morning show, Roscoe brings the topic back up and reveals the camp reached out and told him his credit was missing simply because of a typo. Riiight! Do you believe that? Does Roscoe? Watch the interview below and let us know! Marisa Mendez

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