(Video) Lmao: Samuel L. Jackson Caught Creepin At The BET Awards!

Beyonce’s back up dancers head everyone’s heads turning during her performance last night…especially Samuel L. Jackson motherf****s!

(18+ Photo/Video) NFL: Amber Rose & Odell Beckham Jr Spotted, Alleged Intimate Pic Leaks [NSFW]

Odell Beckham Jr & Amber Rose were spotted leaving together from PeterPalooza in Brooklyn last night and from the looks of things they may have woken up together too! It appears OBJ was hungry for a taste of Amber!

(Photo) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Caught Creepin’ In Nia Long’s Instagram Comments

Let’s be clear to start. Floyd Mayweather & Nia Long have been friends for a while, so the fact he is dropping in her comments shouldn’t be too big of a deal. The wording of the comments is perhaps what caught everyone’s attention, including Nia’s response. Floyd has been dating Bad Medina & Nia has been with Spurs assistant coach Ime Udoka for years so the likelihood the comments have any means behind them are slim, but hey, you never really know.

(Photos) NBA: Uh-Oh! Was Nick Young Caught Creeping Behind Iggy’s Back??

Pictures lie all the time and I hope for Swaggy P’s sake that is what’s going on here. Nick Young doesn’t seem to realize someone was snappin’ pics while he appeared to be very close and comfortable with a woman who was not Iggy. No word on who the mystery woman is but it looks like he even wound up heading inside with her away from the view of cameras. Now again, it could be nothing, but you can form your own opinion by checking out the pics!

(Photos) Oh Boy! Texts, Photos, Emails – Apparently Wiz Khalifa Was Cheating The WHOLE Time With This Girl!

This is SUCH a mess! Apparently Wiz Khalifa has been creeping with a young woman by the name of Alexis since before Amber, and then continued while with Amber, had a little break when Sebastian was born and are right back at doing their thing. The Shade Room has been gathering evidence over time – from separate photos in the same place, to photos together, to text messages, who follows who (Amber follows Alexis, so she must have known!), tweets with Wiz’s mom…it’s pretty intense! There’s also an email from Alexis herself, detailing their relationship from the start. It’s so sad, because she proudly glorifies being the side chick, and it’s women like this that will forever ruin relationships. Obviously the men are to blame as well, but this just makes it that much more worse. Check out the tea below and the receipts in the gallery. HOW do you cheat on AMBER ROSE with THAT?!!?!?! HOW, SWAY?!

(Photos) Keyshia Cole Caught Creepin’ ?!

Thursday night Keyshia Cole was spotted at Drake’s after party in Atlanta, getting a little cozy with a man other than her husband. Atlanta natives recognize the man as Rugs, a well known party promoter. To see photos of the couple at the club, click below.

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