(Video) CREEPY! Justin Bieber’s Eyes Change While In Court!

While JB was booked in a Miami jail after driving his lambo, it seems like the footage taken while he was getting his mug shot, shows a very freakish shift of Bieber’s eyes, almost looking distorted! Hit the jump for the creepy clip!

(Video) Caught On Tape: Is This How You Steal The World’s Slimmest TV?!

LOL, I don’t know that this tactic would ever work again, but I also can’t believe it worked this time, so who knows! The Creepiest Yet Smoothest Flat Screen Theft Ever?!

(Photos) Groupie Alert: Grown Man Obsessed With Justin Bieber Pays Almost $100K In Plastic Surgery To Look Like Him

This is just straight up CREEPY! A grown A$$ 33-year-old man dropped around $100,000 on cosmetic surgery to alter his physical features to look just like Justin Bieber. Toby Sheldon has spent the past five years saving up his hard-earned guap for his Biebz transformation, but he doesn’t have any real reason behind the madness aside from just wanting to look like the pop-icon. Check out the SUPER CREEPY before and after pic of the J. Bieber weirdo in the gallery.

(Video) Strange Noises Heard Outside Of One Home In Terrace British Columbia?!?!?

Early Thursday morning a resident of the Terrace in British Columbia recorded noises outside of her home. The mysterious, loud, screeching noises had resembled that of a dumpster being dragged, yet there was little wind outside, so what exactly could it be?!? Hit the jump for the video!

Fan/Stalker Sends A Creepy Letter To Scott Disick & Kim Kardashain

I’m sure it’s fun to be a celebrity, but you definitely have to take the good with the bad. Or should I say, the good with the incredibly creepy! There are some very scary people out there who will do ANYTHING to get next to their favorite public figure, and that can be by ANY means necessary sometimes…even if it means death. One such weirdo sent a cryptic message to Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy Scott Disick (via his NY eatery Ryu), and included her sis Kim in there as well. It was promptly turned over to police. Hopefully it turns out to be nothing more than a harmless letter! Just how odd is it? “You can wear sunglasses or you can walk up to me with your glasses on and hand this note. Then I will know and we’ll leave the library,” is just an example! Read the letter in full below. Marisa Mendez

(Photo) Mexican Vampire Woman Gets Wax Figure

A woman known as the Mexican Vampire Woman has received what she really wanted to be immortal, well kinda. The woman, named Maria Jose Cristerna, has had metal horns and pointy fangs implanted into her body so she could look like a vampire. After catching the attention of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, Cristerna had a wax replica made in her honor. See pics of her wax figure after the jump. @Julie1205

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