(Photos) Positive Vibes: The Game Brings The Bloods And The Crips Together And Creates A Peace Treaty

In the midst of all that is going on in the United States from the deaths of innocent black men and the police shootings that haven taken place within the past two weeks the rapper, The Game, is trying to bring his people together. He formed a peace treaty for the Bloods and the Crips to come together as one so black on black crime can possibly come to an end.

(Photo) Kicks: Kendrick Lamars Bloods & Crips Unite Reebok Ventilator Is Back For An Encore!

Kendrick Lamar dropped a reebok ventilator last years that brings Bloods & Crips together with that being said it looks like the same exact reebok ventilator is back for another round this sneaker has an all cream upper with your cream laces followed by your reebok branding on the side panels on one sneaker you have Red on the back heel & on the other heel you have Blue. Completing the sneaker you have a white midsole followed by a classic gum bottom sole followed by your TDE insole one is in Red & the other is in Blue. As far as a release date is concerned you can cop the Kendrick Lamar Bloods & Crips Unite Reebok Ventilator sneaker on January 16th will you be copping a pair?. Peep The Gallery To See Detailed Images Of The Bloods & Crips Unite Sneaker After The Jump….

(Photos) 20 Brooklyn Crips Busted For White Collar Crimes!

In NYC its no new news of the police and gang violence. Twenty Brooklyn Crips we’re just busted for white collar crimes and drugs!

(Video) Wow! Baltimore Gang Members Clear Up Media Misconceptions

All the events in the recent weeks that lead to the riots in Baltimore have been unfortunate. For those of us who are not directly in the midst of the chaos, it is hard not to immediately believe what is being reported. The police issued a statement saying that bloods and crips have come together to harm police officers. In this video several gang members discredit the officers’ statement.

(Video/Photos) Riot In Baltimore Is Out Of Hand, State Of Emergency & Curfew Declared

Today, April 27th 2015 marks the day of Freddie Gray’s funeral in Baltimore, Maryland. For those of you who don’t know, Freddie Gray is a 25 year old African American male who died while held in police custody this past week. Their was a threat made early this morning that the Black Guerrilla Family, Bloods, and Crips would be uniting forces today to “take-out” the police.

YoungThug Clears The Air With The Crips

YoungThug Clears The Air With The Crips! Young Thug went on record via instagram and youtube stating that he has no problems with the notorious Los Angeles, California gang Crips. Apparently a video and a photo he posted yesterday with one blue and one white shoe dancing was considered disrespectful,(blue is the Crips gang color). There is also a pic of him holding up his middle finger and an alleged gang sign. Young thug goes on to say that he has family that is down with the Crips and that he is cool with Nipsey. The person seemed very upset by young thugs pictures he posted this comment on the “lifestyle” rapper’s page “Disrespectful..SMMFH… School’s In!!!! #YouGonLearnToday.” Hopefully they accept young thugs apology. We have to stay tuned.(check the gallery for the “disrespectful” pic)

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