(*Warning*Graphic*Video*) Man Survives After Bullet Claims His Throat

This Really Shows the devastation of Gun Violence….Beside the Death it brings, when someone lives, what they have to Deal with…Like a Missing Throat…Hit the Jump!

At Least 30 People Injured After Earthquake In China

An earthquake hit southwest China on Sunday leaving at least 30 people injured and hundreds of homes destroyed. The earthquake bureau in Yunnan province calls the quake “moderate” having a magnitude of -5.5. There was a reported 34 aftershocks following the quake. Only three of the 30 people injured face serious injuries. Read more below.

Auto: Fisker loses $33 Million Because Of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is still causing damage to the New York area 2 months after the storm. It seems it is still causing damage to car companies as well. Fisker, the luxury car brand is currently on the hook for $33 million in loses for 338 Karmas that were damaged because of the storm. The insurance company has denied their claim, which of course is headed to the courts. The average sticker price of each Karms is at least $100k, so no doubt both sides will fight until they get what the want. Read more after the jump. IamJOE357

Get Em While They’re Hot, LifeProof Case For iPhone 5 Now Available!!!

If you haven’t heard about LifeProof cases prepare to be amazed! LifeProof has made cases that you can pretty much put through anything. Water is no longer the ultimate evil to your cellphone, tablet etc. Best Buy just had a MAJOR price drop on ’em as part of their 2-day sale! Don’t miss out on this mega sale… Sure to regret it at these prices. Hit the jump… Tat Wza

(Video) Russell Simmons Says NYC Homeless Are Worse From Sandy, Thanks To Bloomberg!

1st stating his sadness for the victims, which is def on all our minds, but then points out that Bloomberg has done a horrible job with the Homeless, and Now with the affects of Sandy “They’re F***ed”, Hit the Jump to see him say it for yourself!! Wza

(PHOTO) NFL: Hurricane Sandy Hits Eli Manning’s Home

Hurricane Sandy has affected millions of people and she didn’t take an exception to athletes.  Eli Manning was spotted checking out the damage done to his building… GameTimeGirl

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