(Photo) Rocker Sebastian Bach’s NJ Home Ruined in Hurricane Irene

Sebastian Bach is “numb, in shock and devastated” after his New Jersey home was throttled by Hurricane Irene. Not only was there damage on the home itself, but tons of priceless, irreplaceable memorbilia was ruined as well. That’s awful! Details and a pic of the damage after the jump. Marisa Mendez

(Photos) Tropical Storm Irene Shows No Mercy!

Tropical Storm Irene is on her way out. But, she left her mark all over the East Coast! Check the pics after the jump. Emma RABID


Hurricane Irene absolutely demolished the East Coast! Our brave reporters roved and adventured to show you the damage. Check the pics after the jump! Emma RABID

(Photos) Damage To Washington Monument Worse Than Expected

When earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters hits nothing is safe. After this week’s earthquake that rocked the DC area, the national monuments in Washington, DC were shut down to check for structural damage. So far the only monument that suffered any damage is the Washington monument and the damage is worse than original reported. See pics of the damage and read more details after the jump. @Julie1205

Woman Comes Home, Finds House INFESTED With HOMELESS PEOPLE

Julia High came home to find her house infested with homeless gypsies. Gypsies are homeless people who notoriously create havoc. This group of them claimed the house was theirs and WRECKED EVERY ROOM! Details after the jump. Emma Rabid

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