(Video) Police Dashcam Shows A Women Escaping Handcuffs And Stealing Police Car

35-year-old Jennifer Hillard is now being charged in Douglas County with a felony theft of a motor vehicle, possession of methamphetamine, and operating a vehicle under the influence of a controlled substance. While being handcuffed, she was taken into police custody and put into the back seat as standard procedure. When officers went inside to take photos and process the scene, they were notified that the car in which Hillard was suppose to be handcuffed inside of was moving.

(Video) Dash Cam Footage Shows Chicago Police Shootout With Carjacking Suspect

A dash cam footage shows Charles Lawson firing a gun at a patrol car during a police chase. The bullet hit the officer behind the wheel in the face.

Reports State That Chicago Cop Who Shot & Killed LaQuan McDonald Purposely Broke Dash-Cam

While every American citizen has the right to due process, this is a case that is open and shut. Jason Van Dyke, the Chicago police officer who shot Black teenager, Laquan McDonald 16 times, not only “failed to sync the MICS,” so that during certain times audio could not be used, but he is also being accused of intentionally destroying his patrol car dash-cam on numerous occasions. According to a report obtained by DNAinfo Chicago, he and other officers in the area totaled 1,800 of the maintenance logs that showed the tampering of dash-cams.

(Video) UPDATE: Dash Cam Footage Released in SC Police Officer Murder of Walter Scott

UPDATE: April 9 Police have released the dash cam footage from Officer Slager’s police car during the stop before Scott took off running. The footage shows Scott pulling into an Advanced Auto Parts parking lot at Slager’s instruction. He goes on to discuss the car with Slager–which he said he was borrowing and planning to buy from a friend, that he did not have the registration information and would also buy insurance the following Monday. He handed him his driver’s license and while Slager was in his vehicle Scott ran. Though the action goes off frame, you hear Slager yelling “taser!” multiple times. The footage may or may not affect the proceedings or at least the talk around it from this point forward. Click for more and to see the footage.

Caught On Tape: Dash-Cam Footage Shows New Jersey Officer Gun Down A Man He’d Previously Arrested

Amidst all of the cop-on-citizen brutality is the dash-cam footage of officer Braheme Days, shooting and killing Jerame Reid, 36. After Days and partner Roger Worley noticed a Jaguar vehicle running a stop sign, the two decided to partake in a routine traffic stop. On the dash-cam, Days is heard yelling to his partner that a gun was in the glove box – this happened after he had realized he knew the passenger (the victim). It turns out that Reid and officer Days had history. Check out the footage after the jump.

(Video Released) MLB: Yasiel Puig Handcuffed, Rocking Pink Shorts in Footage of Arrest

Dodgers star Yasiel Puig was arrested over the holidays for reckless driving and now the dash cam footage has been released. The cop in the video is PISSED. At least Puig didn’t resist & make things worse. Check out the footage after the jump…

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