Mother Gunned Down By Police After She Shoots And Kills Both Of Her Daughters

Christy Sheats, 42, was shot and killed by police in Texas on Friday after she shot and killed her two daughters Taylor Sheats, 22, and Madison Sheats, 17. When officers arrived to the scene both daughters were discovered and were shot. One daughter was fatally wounded as the other was flown to the hospital in critical condition where she was later pronounced dead. Christy Sheats’ husband was unharmed and taken by the paramedics for evaluation. According to authorities, the father was there at the time of his daughters’ shootings. He left to seek help from the neighbors.

Dam…Couple Dies While Having Sex At Their Daughter’s Wedding

A married couple tried to get busy this week while in attendance at their daughter’s wedding but instead ended in a fatal turn of events. Full story after the jump.

(Video) Black Mom Creates Natural Hair Doll For Her Daughters To Raise Their Self Esteem

One Florida mom was fed up with trying to find a doll that would embrace the natural features of her three daughters. She searched everywhere but when she heard her oldest daughter Sophia began to complain about her brown skin and kinky hair she decided enough was enough and designed her daughter a doll that looked just like her.

(Video) So Cute! A Father Schools His Little Girl On How A Man Should Treat A Women!

Finding loyal and dedicated fathers who take care of their children is a very rare thing to find now a days, sadly. However, one amazing parent made a video talking to his young daughter about how good a man should treat a woman and how important marriage is. This video is so sweet it almost made me cry! Check out the awesome message this father is giving his daughter below. We need more parents like that in the world! Mad props to him.

(Video) Mother Beats Daughters Ass For Twerking

Mother Beats Daughters Ass For Twerking. How many times are these young females out here going to learn, if you’re going to make a twerk video, DON’T DO IT WHILE YOUR PARENTS ARE HOME. Watch the video after the jump!

Nas’ Daughter Destiny Jones Recalls Watching A Baby Do WHAT In Queensbridge?!

Nas’ daughter Destiny Jones reminisced back to when she visited Queensbridge during the filming of Time Is Illmatic. She explains how she saw a “baby walking home by itself” and was in utter disbelief. Destiny also explains her reaction when she first heard “Daughters” and her new lipstick line called Lipmatic. Check out the full video clip below!

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