NBA: It Turns Out David West Has Been Protesting the National Anthem For Years

Colin Kaepernick started a national conversation when he refused to stand for the national anthem in protest of the racism, oppression, and police brutality against black people.  Many NFL players have followed Kaepernick’s lead, and it seemed that Golden State Warriors new addition David West was doing the same, but it turns out he stands a couple of feet behind the rest of his teammates during The Star Spangled Banner for a LONG time, and his reasons go much deeper.

NBA: Spurs David West Claims The Beef With Drake & Meek Helped Him Change His Outlook On Life

During the midst of the “beef” with Drake & Meek Mill, most hip hop fans were on full blown ignorant mode, thirsty for another shot from Drake and for some type of reply from Meek. It was during that moment, after Drake dropped “Back to Back” and before Meek came back in an underwhelming fashion with “Wanna Know” that Spurs David West had a realization that there is more important things going on.

NBA: Report, David West Gives Up More Than $10 Million Dollars To Sign One Year Deal With The Spurs!

The Spurs are going all in! Instead of the annual anticipated demise of the “old” Spurs, here they are once again showing why they might be the best run organization in sports. Reports say the Spurs convinced David West to come sign a one year deal for the league minimum when he could have made millions more elsewhere.

NBA: David West Explains Why He Left Pacers & Why Going to Knicks is Ridiculous

The New York Knicks had a few different free agents on their board but agents have been working quickly with other teams to secure big money deals for their clients.  One of the players who seemed like a sure bet to the Knicks came out and basically ethered them while killing the reports.

NBA: Paul George, David West & Kevin Garnett All Diss the Nuggets Players & Stand Up For Brian Shaw

Brian Shaw was fired as head coach of the Denver Nuggets after less than two seasons on the job.  Before he took this position, he was an assistant coach on the Indiana Pacers.  Now his former players Paul George and David West are speaking out in defense of their former coach and putting it on the Nuggets players.  NBA veteran Kevin Garnett also did the same.

(Video) NBA: Kevin Garnett Blows In Ear Of David West, Players Have To Be Separated

Kevin Garnett has been known his entire career to try and get in the heads of opposing players but now he is pulling a page from Lance Stephenson. KG got under the skin of Pacers forward David West last night as he blew in his ear, a la Lance Stephenson to Lebron last season. Bron handled it much better than West did as he pushed KG and started walking towards him. The funniest thing is Pacers big man Roy Hibbert actually laughing about it the whole time.

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