D.C. Sharp Shooter Describes Shooting One Of His Victims

Remember the Washington D.C. shootings led by two deranged men.  The men drove around and shot random victims from the trunk of their car like snipers, while the victims were unaware and going on about their days.  The two men Lee Boyd Malvo and John Allen Muhammed were responsible for the random murders then caught and convicted.  Malvo has done an interview where he describes on of his victim’s face after shooting him and how it made him feel. Hit the jump Steph B

Tornadoes Have Made Their Way To DC!

News reports states that tornadoes were sited in the DC area earlier today and a severe thunderstorm warning is in full effect for all of DC and Baltimore until 10pm! Get your candles and flashlights ready. More details below. Minosoar

Which Metropolitan City Has The Worst Drivers?

Most of you guessed New York huh? Unfortunately, New York did not make the top 10 but did land the 20th spot. This year Washington D.C. takes the honor for worst drivers and horrible traffic. Click below for a full list. Funk Flex

(Video) Stalley Performs -The World Is Ours!

Stalley performs “The World Is Ours” in Washington D.C.  Hit the jump for the performance! Steph Bassanini

Batman Teaming Up With The Avengers

Batman and The Avengers have teamed up, well kinda. Obviously Batman, the superhero, could never join The Avengers, the superhero group, cause Batman is DC and The Avengers are on Marvel but this summer the two comic giants are kind of coming together. The Dark Knight Rises official trailer will be played before Marvel’s The Avengers in movie theaters nationwide when it opens on May 4. I can’t wait to see both!  Read more below. Julie1205

(Video) Young Jeezy Hustlerz Ambition Tour In DC

Young Jeezy kicked off the Hustlerz Ambition tour last night in DC. Hit the jump for the video and upcoming tour dates. It’s The World. steveisDOPE

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