Osama Bin Laden Is Dead!!!!!!

Osama Bin laden Dead, And US Has His Body!!! President Obama Will Talk About It In A Second!!!!! 10 years after the 9/11 Attacks and It is Finally Done!!!! Allegedly at a Mansion In Pakistan!! @TatWza

New Designer Drug on the Rise! One teen already DEAD!

Parents, teens, educators, and treatment professionals alike are racing to keep up with the latest designer drug trends. It seems that as soon as one drug is regulated or banned, another appears to take its place. Remember when a few weeks ago there was a ‘bath salt’ craze?? Well that’s OLD news honey! A new designer drug, 2 C-E, has arrived on the scene and is already wreaking havoc. 11 teens overdosed on the drug just last weekend after purchasing it legally online! Find out the chemical make up and effects of this new drug below! @iBLONDEgenius

Jaden Smith Is Alive and Kicking

A crazy rumor hit the net today that Jaden Smith died but have no fear folks. The young actor is very much alive. A rep for Jaden got in touch with TMZ and debunked the rumor. “It’s absolutely not true,” was their exact words. I saw people saying it was actually Jaden Smith “the snowboarder” that died, but I saw nothing that confirmed that either. So for now, all Jadens are doing just fine. @MarisaMendez

Death Of Guitar Hero!!!!

Activision has experienced pretty steep decline in the past few years, well with Guitar Hero, and yesterday they announced… @TatWza

MySpace Page Of Suspected Shooter!!!

Just for fact that this guy Still uses Myspace, we should of known he wasn’t right! @Tatza

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