(Photos) NFL: Waitress Complains About DeAngelo Williams Leaving 75 Cent Tip & Gets Fired

A woman put DeAngelo Williams on blast for a small tip and now she won’t get any tips because she lost her job.

(Photos) NFL: DeAngelo Williams’ Adorable Daughters Let the NFL Know They Can’t Be Fined For Wearing Pink

The NFL not only denied DeAngelo Williams’ request to wear pink accessories to honor his late mother who died from breast cancer, they also fined him for the eye black he used to honor her.  Well since Williams isn’t allowed to wear pink, his adorable daughters showed support and did it for him.

NFL: Great Guy! DeAngelo Williams Pays For 53 Mammograms After NFL Denies His Request To Wear Pink All Year

If you weren’t a fan of Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams before, it will be hard for you to not be a fan after reading this. Williams, who lost his mother and four aunt’s to breast cancer, petitioned the NFL to wear pink all season, instead of just during October. The NFL, the low lives that they are, denied his request because they don’t want players getting any attention for parts of their uniform that the league can’t make money off of. Williams found his own way to play a bigger role in fighting breast cancer anyway.

NFL Denies DeAngelo Williams Request to Wear Pink All Season to Honor His Mother Who Died of Breast Cancer

The NFL is slowly working their way up to being as hated as much as the NCAA.  DeAngelo Williams lost his mother, Sandra Hill, to breast cancer in May 2014.  He has steadily advocated for breast cancer awareness and wanted to wear pink shoes or pink wristbands in honor of the cause throughout the season, not just October which is the designated month.  Unfortunately he was told no by the NFL.

NFL: DeAngelo Williams Gives Up Business-Class Seat For Marine

LOVE to see stories like this!!  Carolina Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams did something really great for a Marine over the weekend. Check out this story…

(Photo) NFL: Move Over Tom Brady, Cam Newton Rocks UGGs Too

Tom Brady may have gotten a lot of slack for wearing UGGs but at least he got paid lol.  I’m not sure what was going on with Cam Newton but his teammate DeAngelo Williams put him on blast by tweeting out this picture of Cam rocking UGGs in the Panthers’ locker room.

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