Tyga Is Almost Done Paying Off The Jeweler Who Recently Sued Him

No more drama for Tyga – at least for now! Following a lawsuit and even a deposition, he’s finally paid off most of his debt to jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills. This is the same one who recently grilled Tyga on his assets, and even subpoenaed Kylie to discuss them.

Suge Knight Settles His Tax Debt In California

Suge Knight is now out of his legal troubles. Knight was hit with a huge tax lien by the state of California for $30,000 in unpaid taxes from 2011 and 2012. In August, he put his ducks in a row and took care of that debt.

Rio de Janeiro Declared A State of Financial Emergency In Order to Fund Olympics

This year’s Olympics is scheduled to take place in Rio de Janeiro, but has hit some bumps in the road in the preparation for the big event. The governor has declared a state of financial emergency and requested federal funds to help fulfill obligations.

Supreme Court Bans Puerto Rico From Being Able To Adopt Its Own Bankruptcy Measures

The supreme court has just ruled that Puerto Rico is not allowed to adopt its own legislation to reconstruct their debt due to a 1984 federal bankruptcy law provision that prohibits the commonwealth from seeking protection.

(Video) Kanye West Talks To The Paparazzi About Taylor Swift & His Debt

Kanye West talks to the paparazzi (surprisingly) about his situation with Taylor Swift, his personal $53 Million in debt, and also running for president in 2020. Hit the jump to hear what Mr. West has to say this time.

(Photo) Philadelphia Police Department Trolls Kanye West With Job Offer To Help With Debt

Earlier this week, Kanye West announced he’s swimming in $53 million of personal debt, stemming from his various ideas for art, music, fashion, ect. Then in one of his daily Twitter rants, Ye’ called on Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg for help asking him invest $1 billion into his “Kanye West ideas.” Zuckerberg has yet to directly reply, but Kanye has received an investment offer from fellow rapper and friend The Game as well as help from fans in the form of a GoFundMe page. $53 million is a lot of money and Kanye seems to need all the help he can get at this point, so to lend a helping hand Philadelphia Police Department reached out to Kanye on Twitter offering him a job. Early Thursday morning the department sent out the tweet,

“We R hiring, @kanyewest! Starting salary of $47,920; u could be debt-free by the year 3122!”

LOL! Do you think Kanye West would make a good cop? Sound off in the comments. Click the gallery for more.

(Photo) Oh My Goodness: Kanye West Is Back With The Twitter Ranting

Kanye West is back yet again with the Twitter ranting. I’m a little lost because Kanye’s sources are saying that he is not in debt. Im so lost, like what exactly is going on Kanye. Are you or are you not in debt? Because these tweets show different than what your reps are saying!

(Photo) LMFAO: There’s A GoFundMe Page To Help Kanye

Last night Kanye West went on a serious Twitter rant. Kanye recently annoyed that he is in a crap load of debt. Im talking $53 million in debt. He went to Twitter to ask a few big names to help him with his situation.

(Photo) Kanye West Says He Is $53 Million In Personal Debt

Kanye, Kanye, Kanye. What is going on! During a recent Twitter rant, Kanye announces that he is in atleast $53 Million worth of debt! How does that happen?

According To Scott Storch, Rick Ross Is His Meal Ticket Out Of Being BROKE!

Just yesterday, once-millionaire music producer Scott Storch filed for bankruptcy. However, he seems to have a method to get out of his low financial slump in which he only claims to have $100 to his name. According to Storch, who has produced some of the most popular songs to date, Rick Ross will be the leading factor as to why he gets back on his feet. Storch has been hitting the studio hardbody and has recorded some new bangers for artists such as Ricky Rozay, Chris Brown and Tyga. They should be dropping sometime in the summer, giving him some hope to put some money back into his pockets. He also signed R&B crooner Mario to his new label, CCS. We’re routing for you, Scott! Let’s just now hope Rick Ross’ legal issues blow over.

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