(Photo) Oh My Goodness: Kanye West Is Back With The Twitter Ranting

Kanye West is back yet again with the Twitter ranting. I’m a little lost because Kanye’s sources are saying that he is not in debt. Im so lost, like what exactly is going on Kanye. Are you or are you not in debt? Because these tweets show different than what your reps are saying!

(Photo) LMFAO: There’s A GoFundMe Page To Help Kanye

Last night Kanye West went on a serious Twitter rant. Kanye recently annoyed that he is in a crap load of debt. Im talking $53 million in debt. He went to Twitter to ask a few big names to help him with his situation.

(Photo) Kanye West Says He Is $53 Million In Personal Debt

Kanye, Kanye, Kanye. What is going on! During a recent Twitter rant, Kanye announces that he is in atleast $53 Million worth of debt! How does that happen?

According To Scott Storch, Rick Ross Is His Meal Ticket Out Of Being BROKE!

Just yesterday, once-millionaire music producer Scott Storch filed for bankruptcy. However, he seems to have a method to get out of his low financial slump in which he only claims to have $100 to his name. According to Storch, who has produced some of the most popular songs to date, Rick Ross will be the leading factor as to why he gets back on his feet. Storch has been hitting the studio hardbody and has recorded some new bangers for artists such as Ricky Rozay, Chris Brown and Tyga. They should be dropping sometime in the summer, giving him some hope to put some money back into his pockets. He also signed R&B crooner Mario to his new label, CCS. We’re routing for you, Scott! Let’s just now hope Rick Ross’ legal issues blow over.

Whoa! A South Carolina Man Was Kidnapped And Held For Ransom Over A $200K Marijuana Debt!!

A South Carolina man who — along with his father — served as a drug mule to a Mexican drug syndicate was kidnapped while on his way to work by three of the syndicate’s members. Almost immediately after snatching the man, calls were made to his family. The gang, at one point, looked for upwards of $400,000 in exchange for the man.

(Photos) Business Mogul Dame Dash Blasts Former Accountant “He’s Been Robbing Our Culture For Years!”

Yeah we know business mogul Dame Dash is known to get it off his chest, and speak truthfully when it comes to how he feels about matters. Well last week, Dame Dash took to Instagram to blasts former accountant Barry Klarberg who he charges for some of his tax trouble a few years back. See what the Harlem mogul had to say inside!

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