Damn – Drake Pushes Back Amsterdam Shows For A SECOND Time

Though Drake is already in Amsterdam, his shows there for his Boy Meets World UK tour have been postponed for a second time. Originally the two Amsterdam shows were set for January 20 and January 21, but they were pushed to a week later, the 26 and 27, due to “unforeseen production setbacks.” Today, however, the show’s promoters announced it’s been pushed back AGAIN for the same reason.

1,000 Bees Delay American Airlines In Dallas/ Fort Worth

In 1963, Alfred Hitchcock released a movie titled “Birds”, and I remember being terrified of the possibly of an attack from birds. Just imagine the clear blue sky suddenly forming into an ominious dark cloud of aggressive endothermic vertebrates aiming to attack! Well in Dallas, people almost experienced an analogous situation. But, it’s bees this time !

Waiting On Young Thug’s “Hy!£UN35” Album; It’s Been Pushed Back [New Release Date]

Some can’t stand Young Thug’s guts – because they are so team Lil Wayne – but others remain loyal listeners; those are the ones who are going to be upset about the news on his upcoming album, Hy!£UN35. Check out the jump for more.

NFL: Ex-Patriot Aaron Hernandez’s Double-Murder Trial Delayed

Today, a judge agreed to delay the former New England Patriot’s double-murder trial, originally scheduled for May. Aaron Hernandez had been arrested for the slaying of two Boston men, Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado, in 2012. His lawyer claims the delay is necessary as the defense team also needs to prepare for his 2013 murder trial! Wow, hit the jump for more details on this story…

(Photo) Jeremih Opens Up About The Delay Of His Album!

The last we’ve heard about Jeremih was the wild incident of him and his entourage causing $700.00 in damage at Fuddruckers. Besides that, his hit single “Don’t Tell Em” has his fans asking for more music. Apparently there has been reason for the delay on his album and the lack of promotion for the single ‘Don’t Tell Em.’ In an interview with Billboard, Jeremih opens up about the delay of his album. The artist exclaimed:”I blame myself… I had a video scheduled. I just didn’t show up to it because of…” he stopped mid sentence, “I’m not going to point my finger at somebody else at this point.” “I stopped caring about being Jeremih over the last few months,” he said. “A lot of people don’t know I have a 2-year-old son. His mom wasn’t allowing me to see him, and it was messing with me. I was internally unbalanced. But I just got out of that trial and I won.” Not only was the artist having issue with his Baby Momma, the record label was also giving him the run around with releasing this album. “[Def Jam] is hesitating and not being on my side,” he said. “I see other artists and how they’re supported. It’s hard when I’m on a roster with Rihanna, Rick Ross and Kanye West.” Hopefully we can get an album from Jeremih sooner than later!

(Photo) Kicks: Nike Pushes Back The Release Of The Lebron 12!

Well sneaker heads if you was looking forward to the release of the Lebron 12 like i was we are just gonna have to wait a little bit longer. Last night via twitter Heidi Burgett who is the PR Director over at Nike tweeted that the Lebron 12 will be delayed because of cosmetic issues. Heidi Burgett did not state what the issues where but could the reason for the delay be because of certain models having Lebrons Miami heat number on it? Heidi did say that the Lebron 12 will have all new release dates stay tuned to Inflexwetrust.com As more info rolls out. Peep the Tweet By Nike PR Director Heidi Burgett After The Jump…

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