You Wouldn’t Believe Where This Woman Gave Birth!!!

A 21 year old woman, delivered her baby in the most unexpected place ever. Luckily they promote “freshness”. You’ll never guess! Read more after the jump to find out!!

Nice!!! Burger King Delivery Increasing Where?!?!

2 Cities that probably could use it the most, hit the jump for the full story!

Woman Sues Fedex For Delivering 7 Pounds Of Marijuana

Fedex is probably going to regret this little mix up, they mistakenly delivered a 7 pounds Marijuana to the wrong house. They thought it was a birthday present for their daughter, there were candles and pixie sticks and peppermints inside and something the Tobin’s, a Massachusetts family thought was potpourri but turned out to be just plain Pot. That was just the first offense. Not much later somebody came knocking on her door, asking if Fedex dropped a package off there, if they had the package or if Fedex picked it back up. Fedex told the suspects where the package was delivered to. Mrs. Tobin says she feel that her personal security as well as the security of their children and family was invaded. The Tobin’s have taken a suit up against Fedex, however Fedex does not make comments on pending Law Suits.

Wiz Khalifa Shares His Plans For A Home Birth With Amber Rose…He’s Going To Deliver The Baby Himself!

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa are gearing up to welcome a baby boy into the world within the next few weeks. While stopped by Big Boy’s Neighborhood radio show in L.A. earlier this week, the couple revealed their plans for the birth…and they won’t be shacking up in an expensive hospital suite, a la the Carters! Details below on the delivery plans!

Pizza Delivery Man Charged With Rape

Be careful, make sure your doors are locked, psycho’s like 16 year old Bronx native Cesar Lucas are on the prowl. Recently Lucas was charged with rape after he reportedly snuck into a sleeping woman’s open apartment and raped her while she lay next to her sleeping infant. Hit the jump for more. Funk Flex

(Video) Breach Baby Delivered At A Gas Station

A mother is recovering with her daughter after giving birth to her at a gas station off the highway! It was a breach delivery meaning the umbillical cord was wrapped around the baby. Thankfully both mama and girl were A – OK! Find out more after the jump Quay

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