NBA: Derrick Rose Jurors Questioned On Group Sex

Potential jurors for the Derrick Rose alleged rape case began, and some of the questions are a little risque to say the least.

NBA: Judge Shoots Down Appeal Filed by Derrick Rose’s Rape Accuser; Her Real Name Will Be Used

The judge in Derrick Rose’s rape case previously ruled that his accuser would no longer be able to go by the name Jane Doe and keep her anonymity after Rose’s lawyers said she went on a media blitz to “bash” him.  Her lawyers and the LAPD filed to reverse the judge’s decision, saying Rose is still under criminal investigation, but the judge ruled to uphold his previous decision, and will NOT allow the accuser to continue using a pseudonym.

NBA: Derrick Rose Gets Testimony & Texts From Rape Accuser’s Friends to Prove She’s Lying For Money

Derrick Rose’s rape accuser went on a media blitz in her accusation that he and two friends gang-raped her while she was passed out drunk.  Rose and his attorney are now doing their own full-court press, using his accuser’s own friends against her to prove that she is lying and extorting him for money.

NBA: Derrick Rose Bustin’ Out The Tupac Plea With His Rape Case

Derrick Rose is still trying to get the judge in his alleged rape case to make his accuser reveal her identity. At one point, it looked good, but then…nothing. Rose and his attorneys have pulled out the Tupac defense. Let’s see if it flies.

NBA: LAPD Confirms Active Criminal Rape Investigation Against Derrick Rose

Disturbing details have been revealed in the gang rape case against Derrick Rose, and now those details are even more significant as the LAPD confirms there is a criminal case against Rose as well.

NBA: Judge Agrees To Have Derrick Rose Accuser’s Identity Revealed

Finally! Ugh…Derrick Rose’s rape accuser has been mandated to give up her identity according to the judge in the case.

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