(Video) Tech Talk Hack: SIRI Doing What She Does Best!!!

The other Day, Siri was Hacked, and was able to control a custom thermostat, But Now something a little more practical, controlling third part Apps, You know the deal, Hit the Jump!! +TatWZA

(Video) Tech Talk Hack: Siri Will Be Able To Do Anything???

One of Favorite Tech sites, Engadget, has posted a Video of a young man showing off how he ‘Hacked’ Siri to set up a Proxy Server, which allows Siri to interact not only with the Apple Servers, but with this Server too, then he connected that server to other things, like his thermostat, and Boom, he can control his houses Temperature, Crazy!!! Hit the Jump to see for yourself!! +TatWZA

Tech Talk Mobile: Did RIM/Blackberry Make Another Bad Move???

Well this time I’m not sure, but I wanna say I don’t think So. Yesterday Adobe told the world they will no longer put out or support Flash for Mobile devices(And TV’s Too), mostly because HTML5 is the way the web is moving and there is really no need for Flash with HTML5, as it let’s devices view Video. This kinda puts all devices on an even playing field, But RIM does not want to even the playing field, They want the Advantage, They want to keep Flash on the Playbook! Hit the Jump for the statement. +TatWZA

Tech Talk Upgrade: Siri Coming To iPhone 4???

We All wondered when the 4S dropped, what’s the difference between the 4, and the 4S, besides Siri. Now I told everyone the dual processors in the 4S was pretty significant, and it is, but is it enough to stop the ability of Siri being on the 4?? Not really, Siri can viably be on the 4, and the Video after the Jump Proves it!! WZA on Google+

Tech Talk Keep Up: Does Android Tech Update Too Fast???

How Does Google Technology Help Or Hurt The Consumer??? Nexus/Ice Cream OS We all say “Why Get this ‘Product’ because the upgrade to that product is right around the Corner!” Well that’s true to a degree, but people tend to forget, a few things happen when NEW Tech comes out, like you may need to wait for an accessory upgrade to come with it, and usually it’s a redesign issue, which brings me to why we are here in this given post….I did a Post last year On Nexus One, Google’s ALL Android Smartphone, Then Nexus S came out, and in Less than a Year Nexus Prime is ready to Drop, Is this Too Fast?? Hit the Jump!! WZA on Google+

Tech Talk Jailbreak: SIRI On iPad???

So Not only does the 4S Have SIRI(Best platform), and the 4 has it(After Jailbreaking), BUT Now iPad 1 Has Siri(again After Jailbreaking), Yes iPd 1, Not 2!! Hit the Jump on details. WZA on Google+

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