(Video) Ummmm, W T F?! Woman In Wheelchair Jumps Into Street Brawl

Just when you’ve thought you might have seen it all, things like this hit the internet. A disabled female in a wheelchair with no legs jumps into a street fight and it was all caught on tape. Can we say RATCHET?! Check it out below.

(News) Black Teenagers Beat White Disabled Veteran !

Come on, stuff like this is still going on? Three black teenagers are charged for beating a white disabled white veteran. Smh, read the full story after the jump.

(Photos) SMH! A Group Home Ran An Illegal Fight Club?!?!?

Such a shame. Four workers from Independent Group Home Living in Hampton Bay have been arrested, each charged with one felony count of endangering the welfare of an incompetent or physically disabled person. Turns out that the workers ran a “disabled fight club,” where they would, unfortunately, put the handicapped adults against one another for their own entertainment.

(Video) Bout It Bout It: Disabled Man In Wheelchair Beats Down Store Robber

A Chicago man in a wheelchair was in a store while it was being robbed and he took it upon himself to intervene. Well, let’s just say he didn’t let his disability hold him back from beating the sh*t out of the thief. Hit the jump to check out the wild footage!

This Woman Wants To Be Disabled?!

Chloe Jennings-White seems like your average 58- year-old abled bodied woman, but her goals are a lot different than a typical 58-year-old. Click the jump to see why Chloe wants so desperately to be a paraplegic!

Famous Madam Will Open Brothel To Disabled People With Sexual Needs

A famous British Madam will be opening a brothel to cater people with disabilities.  She claims that they have the same sexual needs and desires as we all do and denying them the right to be sexual is breaching human rights.  She ran an illegal brothel for about 20 years and also wrote a prize winning book about her adventures and experiences in her line of work. Her plan is help a range of people achieve sexual satisfaction and has dubbed it a  health center. Well she’s a considerate human being and an innovator in her field, so I’m sure her center will have much success. I wonder if Vegas will have something like this pop up, if they don’t already. Steph B

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