(Photo) Cassidy Vs Dizaster In A Celebrity Boxing Match ?

Cassidy Vs Dizaster In A Celebrity Boxing Match There has been a lot of different perspectives on how people feel the Ether event went about earlier December 2014, Dizaster and Cassidy’s small room rematch has been the source of many debates, with fans splitting the vote down the middle. Those more into complex bars leaned towards Diz while Cassidy’s performance gave him the battle for some others.

Battle Rap: The Full Cassidy Vs. Dizaster Battle

Over the weekend there was an epic battle taking place(or not). Cassidy and Dizaster were set to go bar for bar. Technical diffucluties and other distractions led to the battle being cancelled. Both rappers did agree to do it all over again the next day. Check out both battles below. The Rough Draft The Rematch

Battle Rap: Dizaster vs. Math Hoffa

I’m sure you’ve seen the fight between Dizaster and Math Hoffa. Now we get the whole battle between Dizaster and Math Hoffa. Watch below.

Guess Which Two Rappers Throw Jabs At Each Other On Twitter!?

Battle rapper Dizaster and Aye Verb’s battle was released for the public and of course you know people have their opinions on the outcome of the battle. One rapper that took to his Twitter to share his thoughts was Lupe Fiasco. Both rappers decided to let each other know how they felt challenges and name calling was tweeted. You’ve seen Dizaster battle and you know Lupe gets busy too. Hit the gallery to check out what both of them had to say.

Battle Rap: Dizaster Vs. Aye Verb

Check out the KOTD battle between Dizaster and Aye Verb. Watch below.

Battle Rap: Dizaster vs Arsonal

Check out KOTD’s battle of Dizaster versus Arsonal. Click below for the battle.

Battle Rap: Dizaster Talks Battle Leagues And Rappers Who Have Stepped Their Game Up!

Check out Dizaster talking at the URL’s Armageddon about which rappers are ready for the URL and who has stepped their game up. Click below to see the video.

Battle Rap: Dizaster Hits The Streets With A Freestyle!

Dizaster stopped by Sway’s show in the morning with DNA and hit us with a freestyle. Click below to check it out. WiL Major

Battle Rap: Dizaster Vs. T-Rex [Trailer]

There is nothing like hyping up a battle that is already anticipated to go down in the record books. SMACK/URLtv give us the trailer to the Dizaster and Murda Mook battle. Click below to see the vid. WiL Major

Battle Rap: DNA Vs. Dizaster

DNA just jumped in the talk and after people mentioned him I felt it was only right to bring back the battle of him and Dizaster. I’m going to keep my opinion to myself on who won this one. Click below to check out the battle. WiL Major

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