(Video) WTF: Arizona Woman Arrested After Having Sex With The Family Dog

Okay, so I’m officially over people. An Arizona woman has now been arrested after having sex with the family dog. All the men in this world, this woman had to sleep with a dog? I do not get it.

(Video) WTF: Woman Arrested For Having Sex With A Dog

Out of all the men in this world, this woman chose to have sex with a dog. Cray right? The woman is saying that the video is fake but authorities say the woman is clearly on camera having sex with a dog.

(Video) Damn: Woman Gets Beat With Bat & Attacked By Dog After Fighting Homeowner!

This woman really went to someone’s house dolo and took a beating by another girl, a bat, and than to add insult to injury – the house dog.

(Video) LOL: Woman Gets Into Scuffle With Her Dog While She Tries To Twerk!

Have you ever gotten into a scuffle with your pet? More than likely you haven’t, but this dog wasn’t having it with his owner. The two got into a scuffle after one owner tried to have a twerking session.

(Video) WOW: Woman & Her Dog Rescued In Louisiana!

Louisiana is experiencing yet again another natural disaster, as street flood and people are forced to evacuate their homes. While some are successfully leaving the flooded city, others are getting stuck. Hit the jump to see this miracle.

(Video) Savage: A Man Dangles His Girlfriend’s Dog Over A Balcony While They Argue

Caught on video, a man is seen dangling his girlfriend’s dog over a railing as they argue. Terrible! This poor dog did noting wrong I’m sure.

(Photos) Another Day, Another Attempt at Racism – Black Cop Says He Was Demoted Because Of Race

A retired Michigan State Police officer with the K-9 unit claims he was treated unfairly because of the color of his skin. He explained that he was demoted for leaving a work shift early and misfiling time cards, while on the other hand white officers have done way worse than him, giving the example that a white officer had their canine partners die after being left in a car for 11 hours, but was given a second chance.

(Video) Caught On Tape: Video Goes Viral Of A Girl Using Her DOG As A Weapon In A Street Fight!

First of all, let me just say that this is absolutely ridiculous. A video is going viral on the internet of a street fight between a group of girls. This would be just a regular ol’ cat fight (no pun intended) if there wasn’t an animal being used as a weapon! The females were engaging in an old-fashioned brawl when one of the chicks took a dog from the street and swung it at the other girl, hitting her in the face with her Lil’ Bow Wow. As NOT funny as this is (you know, for animal activists and all that), it will make you chuckle in the sickest way possible. Check out the video we have up on our Instagram page below!

(Video) Damn… Man Fights Stray Dog For Attacking His Puppy

Everyone loves their pets and his man shows us just how much he loves his, after a stray dog attacks his puppy.

(Photos) NJ Police Enters Wrong House, Shoots Dog

On April 29, 2015, police officer Kyle Ferreira was investigating a possible burglary in northern New Jersey and mistakenly went to the wrong location. When he approached the housing location and no one responded to his door knocks, he entered the house and proceeded to the rear. When reaching the back, he quickly noticed the window open and that’s the moment he drew his weapon. Once under the assumption of a robbery, he thought the suspect attempted escape from the back window. Soon after, the situation took a strange twist.

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