Ariana Grande Will Not Face Charges In The Donut Licking Scandal

After a thorough investigation it looks like Ariana Grande is getting a free pass on this one. The pop-star was caught on camera licking donuts, that were set to be placed in a display case at a California donut shop. According to police no charges will be filed against her. Read more below.

(Video) Ariana Grande Apologies To Fans And Admits Donut Licking Was A Rude Awakening

Everyone makes mistakes, including Ariana Grande. She posted a video to her fans apologizing for her weird behavior at a donut shop on Thursday. In the video, Ariana seems to show regret for letting whoever support her down and not upholding her positive image that fans know her for. “Not here to make any excuses. I’m just here to apologize…I get it 100%, and I’m 22 years old, I’m human… I make mistakes and I’m gonna learn,” along with that statement Grande also admits that her actions were a rude awakening and she plans to do better. HMMMMMM, do you believe it was sincere or na? Watch the full clip below and let me know!

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