Lil Yachty Had A Very, Very Rare Dream About Troy Ave Last Night

Troy Ave is the topic of the blogs right now, following the Irving Plaza shooting and more recently, his new mixtape that he released from behind bars last night. Perhaps Lil Yachty was reading an Ave article about the tape before he went to sleep on Monday night, because it led to quite the dream from the 18-year-old rapper…which, thankfully for us, he shared on Twitter. “Wait so guys can I tell u about my dream last night?,” Yachty began yesterday afternoon. “Ok so basically Troy Ave had tweeted he wanted to snatch my chain and knowing me I wasn’t gonna let a n*gga just tweet that so I snapped bck…” You’ve gotta hear how it goes from there. Check out the gallery to see!

Respect: Chris Pratt Shares Inspirational Message For Anyone Chasing Their Dreams

After being on the go for 80 hours, actor Chris Pratt took to his Instagram to reflect on what it was like to come up in the acting world and to finally reach his dreams. The Jurassic World actor shares an inspirational few words for anybody else following the same path. Hit the jump.

Wow, Teen Rapper Battling Deadly Cancer Signs With Sony

Now doesn’t that just melt your heart? Jeff Mortimer, a 19 year old rapper from West Palm Beach, Florida who goes by the stage name Young Jay, was diagnosed with a rare form of muscle cancer called spindle cell sarcoma when he was just 16 years old. Now 3 years later, having endured radiation therapy and chemo, he is battling a relapse. But has that stopped him in the slightest? No, Young Jay is still following his dreams and just signed a deal last week with Sony. Talk about an inspiration.

CustomKicks: @PMKCustoms x Puma Suede “Dreams & Nightmares” Customs for Meek Mill

PMK another 1 of 1 sneaker artist has been making customs for celebs for some time. This time he got together with Puma and Meek Mill to create a special pack inspired by his album. Hit the jump to see the gallery and a video by PMK……

Hopsin Talks About Dropping Out Of School To Chase His Dreams!

Hopsin wanted to set the record straight about why he didn’t finish high school, it’s not because he wasn’t doing well with school, but it’s because he wanted to chase his dreams! He took to his personal facebook account to explain himself and he’s kind of inspirational! Click below to check out his explanation.

(Video) What Do Dreams About Your EX Really Mean?

Just when you think you’ve gotten over someone you used to date, he or she suddenly makes an appearance in your dreams. But does that mean you’re still into that person!? According to the dreams columnist at the New York Daily News, Lauren Lawrence, the answer isn’t exactly “yes.” “Basically it doesn’t have to be the ex,” she told HuffPost Live on Thursday. “It could be some qualities in him that the person liked and maybe they’re not satisfied with with their current partner or boyfriend. Then they will dream of someone they used to have because there are certain things that are missing in this relationship.”Watch the video above for more on Lawrence’s take on it in the video below!

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