(Photos) NBA: Lamar Odom Spotted Buying Drinks at Bar Before Going to Church For Easter

As you know, Lamar Odom had a near fatal overdose that took him months to recover from.  He’s seems to be doing much better, but now it looks like he’s playing with fire after he was spotted boozing at an Irish bar early Easter Sunday morning just hours before he went to church with the Kardashians.

Survey Says Teens Are Drinking And Driving Less

Good News! A recent survey says teens are now drinking and driving less. I guess they are finally getting the memo with all the promotion of safe driving in commercials. Glad to know the ads work.

(Photo) NBC Is Concerned About Jimmy Fallon’s Drinking

Partyyyyyy Animal! Jimmy Fallon has been blessing the city that never sleeps with his drunken presence. He goes around sharing his stories of drunk times. But apparently NBC is a littleeeee concerned with Fallon and his drinking problem.

NBA: LOL, Steph Curry Can’t Get Alcohol Because Waitress Thinks He Is Too Young

Steph Curry should take it as a compliment, but I am sure it can be annoying as well. Curry, who is 26 years old does look very young. He learned a valuable lesson that just because you are a star pro athlete, not everyone is going to know who you are. He tells a story of how recently he tried to get a drink at a restaurant but didn’t have his ID on him and the waitress refused to serve him. Steph had to get the manager involved who luckily knew who he was and allowed the staff to serve him.

(Video) Tyga Tries To Give Kylie Jenner WHAT At Her 17th Birthday Party!

Kylie Jenner has certainly acquired A LOT of big bros in the game as she has come of age. The now 17 year old sister of the Kardashians celebrated her birthday last night with Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, The Game & Tyga. But things got a lil awkward when a video leaked of Tyga encouraging the 17 year old Kylie to take shots, and you can hear him in the video chanting ‘take a shot, take a shot!’ Innocent fun or reckless endangerment? Take a look for yourself after the jump.

Did Scott Disick Finaly Put The Bottle Down And Sober Up To Save His Relationship?!

Scott Disick has been struggling with his extreme partying ways for years now and if you watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians (like I’m doing right now,) you know Kourtney does NOT play with her man’s alcohol guzzling ways. (Sidebar: shout out to E! for this marathon… I’m in Kardashian heaven!) Lord Disick recently got kicked out of the house for hitting the bottle again, but according to sources close to the couple– Scott has calmed ALL the way down. The thing is that Kourt doesn’t mind if Scott hits the club being that he brings in some MAJOR dough but she does mind when he starts his out of control binge drinking. This past weekend, Scott made about $50K to make an appearance at Harrah’s Pool After Dark. According to TMZ’s spies who were keeping dibs on him at the club, he had not ONE drink and only smoked ciggs. Let’s hope he’s back on the straight and narrow!

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