(Video) NBA: Ouch! Potential Top Pick Jabari Parker Throws Jab At New York Knicks

Jabari Parker is a lock to be chosen in the top 3 of the upcoming NBA draft, and may even be the first overall pick. Judging by his comments this week on the Dan Patrick show he is happy the Knicks have no chance to draft him. Jabari speaks on among other things, the potential new rule of players having to stay in college at least two years and what made him decide to enter the draft instead of return to Duke. The best part however is when he gets compared to Carmelo ( which he loves ) and Dan Patrick tries to take a playful jab at Melo by telling Jabari “but you pass” to which Parker responded “but I have a team” lol. The kid was busy all basketball season but still paid enough attention to know the Knicks had nobody.

(PHOTO) Sports: Eli & Peyton Manning Hoop It Up With Broncos Receivers at Duke

The NFL season isn’t that far away, so the Manning brothers are spending some free time together until the grind begins.  Peyton and Eli joined the Broncos’ Wes Welker, Demaryius Thomas and Julius Thomas for some hoops time at Duke University on Wednesday.  I’d like to see some video from this or a statsheet … and was there any one-on-one brotherly competition?  Ahhh well we have a pic for now…

NFL: Roddy White Explains Why He Didn’t Give Fan Falcons Season Tickets After Losing March Madness Bet

Roddy White is known for holding nothing back when it comes to sports talk on Twitter but one particular tweet cost him big time.  White predicted that Duke would win the NCAA tournament championship and one fan, Dylan Hoyt responded that they would be upset by the Mercer Bears.  White was so confident that wouldn’t happen he made a bet and promised Hoyt Atlanta Falcons season tickets, first row right on the 50-yard line.  Well the unthinkable happened, Duke lost to Mercer in the first round and White backtracked.

(Video) March Madness: UNC Fan Videobombs TNT Broadcast With “F*ck Duke” Shirt

UNC and Duke are bitter rivals and yesterday UNC won the war.  Not only was Duke upset by Mercer and eliminated from the NCAA tournament, UNC defeated Providence in a 79-77 nailbiter and one fan added insult to injury.

(Photos) NFL: WOW, Loss By Duke In NCAA Tournament Almost Costs Falcons Roddy White Big Time

Better watch what you casually say sometimes. Falcons Roddy White is known to talk s**t on twitter about sports alot. This time he is regretting it. Earlier in the week he told a fan on twitter he would give them front row seats at the 50 yard line for the entire season if Mercer beat Duke. Well a funny thing happened today, Mercer BEAT Duke! Twitter immediately called him out on the bet and wondered what he would say. He was quiet for a while, but then he owned up to it , well somewhat. Two tickets front row at the 50 yard line for an entire season would of easily cost White over $15,000 if not more. Steep price to pay for running your mouth on twitter. Hit the jump to see what he said.

(Video) March Madness: Mercer Players Style On Duke With Nae-Nae Dance After Huge Win

Some people might take this as being disrespectful by doing it on the court, but the way the kids from Mercer are feeling today you can’t tell them nothing, nor should you. They just pulled off the biggest win in school history and hit the nae-nae like they were in the club.

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