One Man Bites Another Man’s Ear Off During Argument About Donald Trump

Okay this is getting weird now. One man bit off another man’s ear after an argument about Donald Trump. The argument turned violent which prompted the wounded man to run towards the nearest gas station. Police spokeswoman Emily Schaffer refused to say which side the man was on but the ear was recovered by authorities in an apartment.

(Video) Beyonce Continues To Dominate Her Tidal Performance Even After Her Ear Starts Bleeding

Beyonce is truly a pro at what she does! While performing at the Tidal concert tonight, Beyonce has a slight malfunction. Her earring pulled her ear, causing the ear to bleed. That didn’t stop the queen as she continued to perform as if nothing was wrong.

Brother DOES WHAT To Teenage Sister’s Boyfriend !?!

A 21 year old man in Chicago had his ear ripped off by the brother of his underage girlfriend the NY Daily News Says. The brother ripped off the ear of 21 year old Jonathan Rios, after finding Rios and his sister having sex. To make matter worse, Rios got the 16 year old pregnant twice! Read this story after the jump !

(Video) Idiot! Man Answers Hot Iron When His Phone Rings!!

This fool, while ironing his clothes, the phone rings, and he puts the iron to his ear instead of the phone.

(PHOTO) NFL: Texans QB Matt Schaub Loses Piece Of His Ear After Illegal Hit!!

Evander Holyfield has some company in the fraternity of athletes missing a piece of their ear. Check out the details and pic of his ear after the jump… GameTimeGirl

(Video) Boxing: Mike Tyson Explains What Holyfield’s Ear Tasted Like

Sabrina B. Mike Tyson can assure you it didn’t taste like chicken. The former heavyweight champion of the world was talking to Andy Cohen on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens” and was asked what Evander Holyfield’s ear tasted like.

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