(Photo) Are Our Earth Days Numbered???

So our Earth Days Numbered huhh? Most kids woke up just simply knowing that today reflects how we maintain our earth but do they know we’re at risk . First Obama gave a friendly earth Day reminder that one of our biggest threats to our planet is in fact climate change. Letting us all know that this may be the only reversible catastrophe but how easy will it be to reverse?

Happy Earth Day! Here Are Some Ways To Help Out!

Exactly 43 years ago today, the inaugural Earth Day was celebrated with 20 million participants in the United States. Today, April 22, 2013, Earth Day is bigger than ever, with estimates of more than one billion people expected to participate worldwide. What can you to do help? Click here for some tips!

IFWT Celebrates Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! Although I’m not the most “green” person in the world, I do know it’s important to try and cut back on using certain resources as everyone should. Earth Day is a day to celebrate the Earth and increase awareness about the Earth’s natural environment. Read more about Earth Day and how you can give back to the Earth below. Julie1205

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