(Video) Say What? Edward Snowden Has A ‘Christmas Message’ For You??

As you may or may not know, Snowden is hold up in the Russia, which has caused issues between the US and Russia(As Snowden is considered a Traitor to the US for leaking NSA Docs, revealing the NSA spy habits), but this kicker is he made a video message for Christmas, and it was it was broadcasted in the UK, I heard it replaced the queens normal Christmas message, And the message isn’t even about Christmas, this guy has disrupted the world!

(Video) Snowden Leaks More Spys Information, Say To Government ‘You’s A Lie’ !!

He’s apparently leaked actual lists of soys spying on communications that have everyone upset. Although Gov’s are saying they are looking for terrorist, but Snowden’s info is saying ‘Nah fam, You’s a Lie!’.

Obama Proposes Surveillance Policy Reforms?!?

In President Obama’s recent news conference, he expressed his thoughts on tightening up and improving NSA programs, as well as his opinion on NSA leaker Edward Snowden! Hit the jump for more detail..

President Obama Calls Off The Meeting With Vladimir Putin, While Dealing With Snowden Tensions

Edward Snowden was granted a 1-year asylum from Russian President, Validimir Putin. Now, President Obama has decided that he’s going to cancel his September meeting with Putin. Hit the jump for details.

U.S Gen. Attorney Says : “Snowden Will Not Face Death Penalty”

In hopes that former intelligent contractor Edward J Snowden, will return to the United States, U.S Attorney General Eric H Holder Jr, has written a letter to the Russian minister of justice. Read more after jump

You Won’t Believe What The NSA Can Tap Now!!

So along with Edward Snowden reporting that the U.S. has been spying on its allies, the latest news from the Redmond, WA, technology giant implies that any calls made on Skype are subject to the same snooping by the NSA as regular phone calls. In a blog post today, Microsoft revealed that they “assume that all calls, whether over the Internet or by fixed line or mobile phone, will offer similar levels of privacy and security.” In an era when everyone is constantly connected, it’s amazing that the NSA can collect, let alone go through, all of the content that Snowden alleged.

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