(Video) NFL: Eli Apple’s Mom Continues To Keep Him Grounded, Dropping Him Off First Day Of Practice

The new NY Eli’s mom has already made a name for herself in the sports world…not because of her son, but because of how she raised him and continues to keep him grounded. Check out how she drops him off for his first day as a Giant.

NFL: Eli Apple’s Mom Has Hilarious Explanation on Why She Didn’t Let Him Wear Rolex on Draft Day

It appears we’re going to have numerous quotes from Eli Apple’s mom for years to come.  Annie Apple, the mother of the New York Giants draft pick, already sent out a warning to the thirsty girls ready to pounce on her son.  Now in a great article on Eli for Sports Illustrated, Annie describes her son’s journey from being a red shirt at Ohio State, to making it to the NFL as a first round draft pick.  In the story, she shares a hilarious reason why she wouldn’t allow him to wear a Rolex or any of the blinged out jewelry other athletes wear.

(Photos) NFL: LOL Giants’ Draft Pick Eli Apple’s Mom Warns ‘Heavy Booty, Thirsty Girls’ Hopping in His DM’s

Dallas Cowboys’ draft pick Ezekiel Elliot already got caught up with a thot snapping his picture in bed before he ever played a snap in the NFL.  Well the New York Giants’ draft pick Eli Apple’s mother has something for those “thirsty girls” so it won’t happen to her son.

NFL: Eli Apple Was Asked If He Likes Men By Falcons Coaching Staff During Rookie Combine

There have been numerous stories about the random and awkward questions rookies face from potential NFL teams during the combine but this story here might take the cake. Ohio State defensive back, Eli Apple, one of the higher rated secondary players in the draft was asked by the Falcons if he likes men as the very first question he faced. Needless to say he felt very awkward and when the Falcons head coach Dan Quinn found out one of his coaches asked that he felt the need to apologize publicly.

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