(Caught On Tape) WHOA!! Dunkin Donuts Employee Was Pistol-Whipped For Messing Up An Order?!?

A man in a Florida Dunkin Donuts was extremely unhappy with his order. So unhappy, that he decided to storm back into the store to cause a scene. And a scene it was. 27-year-old Jeffery Wright apparently ordered coffee through the drive-thru when they realized that it was the wrong flavor. So, he parked up and entered the store with his 22-year-old wife, Alexis Longo. According to local reports, “The enraged couple walked into the store and demanded Hall make them a fresh cup of coffee — but he said they wouldn’t tell him how they wanted it.” Hit the jump for more info.

SMH McDonald’s Employee,Tyree Johnson, Still Makes Minimum Wage After 20 YEARS Of Service???

We all have had a minimum wage job before where we had to cook, clean, and deal with impatient, moody customers all day, and some of us still do. Many of the people who maintain these low paying jobs for extensive periods of time usually expect some sort of raise after a few months or at MOST a year. After 20 years cooking burgers by the hot and greasy fryer for the national chain, Tyree Johnson STILL makes just the minimum wage.That’s $8.25 an hour in 44-year-old Johnson’s hometown of Chicago, where he works at two different McDonald’s restaurants.This is anything but ethical.Read more below. Russ B

NFL: Cleveland Browns Employee Committed Suicide at Team Facility

As if the tragedy that occurred with the murder/suicide of Chiefs linebacker Jovan Blecher wasn’t bad enough, another suicide occurred around the same time at the Cleveland Browns facility.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie

(Video) WTF?! No Way!! Katt Williams Caught Slapping Target Employee – IN THE FACE!

Five finger discount? Nah, just 5 fingers to the face!!! Katt Williams has no remorse for this Target employee whatsoever! No one has a clue as to why they we fighting since the video has no audio, but poor employee didn’t look like he was trying to fight! The dude looks sincere, holding his hand to his chest.. but Katt wasn’t having it! After the slap, he stands there & poor ole’ guy just pulls out his phone to contact the police (a witness confirmed). But what a hurt to the dude’s ego, getting slapped in front of everyone! I guess at least since he didn’t fight back, he won’t lose his job so that’s good. I personally think he should’ve got a hit in (not condoning fighting but… anyway!) Katt is reckless. Funnest part? Before cops get there, Katt tries to flea the scene & make a run for it – in his GETAWAY ELECTRIC CART! (Yes, the one a handicap or disabled person may use while shopping). Katt was NOT arrested. There’s two different videos below of the footage, one with no audio & another with a witness narrating over it. Check out this sad, but still hilarious footage after the jump! Biz Baby

Del Taco Worker Stabbed A Customer For Complaining About His Order!!!

A dispute over an order at a Hemet Del Taco ended when an employee allegedly stabbed a customer with a knife. That was built up anger that made him stab that customer. Either way he was wrong. Click below to read the rest of the story. WiL Major

Del Taco Employee Stabs Customer Over Order Disagreement

Looks like the workers at Del Taco take their catch phrase “Go Bold or Go Home” a little too serious. A Del Taco employee by the name of Gabriel Villalba stabbed a customer after they argued about the customer’s order. Hit the jump for more details. Gernique N

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