(Photos) Tommy Hilfiger and Fendi Sued by Former Employees

Not a good look: Tommy Hilfiger and Fendi Sued by Former Employees for identifying the entry-level workers as interns to avoid paying out at least minimum wage. The class action suit follows a string of similar cases, most recently bringing the fashion and media power house Conde Nast to a $5.8 million payout.

That’s A Lot Of Zeros! Check Out The Christmas Bonus You Get When You Work For Dr. Dre!

  When you rake in a massive $620 million at the end of the year, it’s hard to not want to give back a little extra! Dr. Dre blessed his employees with a whopping 5-figure bonus for the Christmas season. Yup, 5 figures! Check out a picture of one employees bonus from the Hip Hop Moguls L.A. Law Firm in the gallery!

(Video) Working Hero: Subway Employee Rescues Stroller That Rolled On To Tracks!

This Subway worker sent from the heavens as well as surrounding concerned citizens, thought quickly when a stroller accidently rolled on to the train tracks. Although the mother jumped in attempting to save the child, she sprained her ankle and was unable to recover, when Diane, a subway employee came to assist. Check out the footage here.

(Video) This Coffee Shop Has Zero Employees And Runs Entirely On The Honor System!

This North Dakota coffee shop, trusts its customers 100%! ‘The Vault’ coffee shop is like any ordinary, serving up coffee, tea, pastries, chips and ice cream, but this establishment is relying on its customers to leave their pay. Watch this clip of the ‘The Vault’ coffee shop, serving coffee daily without the help of any employees!

Paula Deen Restaurant Shut Down, But How Did She Inform The Workers?! #Scandalous

My, how the tables have turned – over in this case. The “racism scandal” with Paula Deen seemed to have been dying down, but she’s added fuel to the fire in this case. After the general manager of Uncle Bubba’s Seafood & Oyster House sued the crafter of 14 cookbooks for using the, “N-word” and treating some staff like slaves, it’s clear that Deen couldn’t stand the heat, so she got on out of the kitchen as the restaurant is now closed. …how did the employees find out that they were out of a job?! Find out down below.

Boxing: Police Make Statement on Reports That Floyd Mayweather Severely Beat 2 Employees

Isn’t this interesting?!  Earlier this week there were reports that Floyd Mayweather severely beat 2 employees after they were suspected of stealing jewelry from the boxer.  X-rays even came out of some of their injuries.  We still haven’t heard from Floyd on the reports, but now we are hearing from the police — and it seems like Mayweather could be in the clear.  Hit the jump for details…

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